The North Country will miss Sr. Marian

Written on: October 27, 2015

Sr. Marian Adrian was featured in the  Daily News for the good work she has done with Genessee-Orleans Ministry of Concern. GOMOC serves the immigrant population of both counties.

“I’ve enjoyed my life- every decade of it,”  said Sr. Marian. “There has been something positive in every bit of it. What I will miss most as I move is GOMOC.”

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One thought on “The North Country will miss Sr. Marian

  1. Lynne Stenzel says:

    I am the daughter of a long time friend of Sister Marian. My moms name is Noreen Williams. I am trying to locate Sister Marian as I know she has recently relocated. I wanted to let sister know that my mom passed away the end of October this past year. If anyone can help with this I would greatly appreciate it. They were great friends for many years.

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