How We Create A Compassionate World
  • Eco Spirituality
    Eco SpiritualityGod’s engagement with the Earth and cosmos is a continuous creation and evolution. We show our appreciation by caring for the EarthRead More
  • Immigration Reform
    Immigration ReformAs a country, we need to balance sustainable immigration with the basic human right to seek safety and a means of livelihoodRead More
  • Abolish the Death Penalty
    Abolish the Death PenaltyWe believe that every human being is made in the image of God, so we claim value to all of human life, perfect and imperfect.Read More
  • Fracking
    FrackingThe Fracking process harms our earth, water and air. It pollutes water, affects health and increases the greenhouse-gas effect.Read More
  • Contemplative Dialogue
    Contemplative DialogueContemplative Dialogue leads people with different gifts, viewpoints and values to think creatively together.Read More
  • Human Trafficking
    Human TraffickingHuman Trafficking is a form of contemporary slavery. Whether trafficked for labor or sex, its victims need our awareness and actionRead More
  • The “Soil” Project
    The “Soil” ProjectSOIL, working in Haiti, promotes dignity, health and sustainable livelihoods through the transformation of wastes into resourcesRead More
  • Asylee Women
    Asylee WomenAWE provides women seeking asylum with a home, a support system and a community to support their journey to safety and freedom.Read More
  • Cosmic Awareness
    Cosmic AwarenessCosmic Awareness takes us out of our present landscape into being awestruck by creation, and the Creator’s, limitless magnificenceRead More
  • Nuclear Free Zone
    Nuclear Free ZoneWe collaborate with others to replace nuclear weapons with human sharing, understanding, and negotiationRead More
  • Debt Relief
    Debt ReliefThere is worldwide concern to understand and resolve the debt crisis cancel the crushing debt of impoverished countries and seek toRead More
  • Consistent Ethic of Life
    Consistent Ethic of LifeAs women of the Church, we are called to respect human life from conception to natural death.Read More
  • Earth Charter
    Earth CharterThe Earth Charter informs our decisions about how we share our lives of prayer and ministry, and what we advocate for...Read More
Our Mission

In the spirit of St. Marguerite d'Youville, our foundress, the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart strive to be signs of God's unconditional love as we collaborate to create a more just and compassionate world. Our overriding concern is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to all, especially the poor and needy of our world.

Our Prayer

Prayer is the spiritual nucleus of our lives as Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart and our Chapel is the physical center of our spirituality. Embraced in the quiet presence of God we create a compassionate world through prayer. Our retired sisters respond to daily requests for prayer, devoting themselves to a Ministry of Prayer.

Our Invitation

Is your heart restless? Do you see God in the outcast and the stranger? Inspired by such feelings, a young, Catholic widow Marguerite d’Youville lived a life of service. Over the centuries, many have walked in her footsteps as vowed members and partners in ministry. They gave without counting the cost. Will you?

The Grey Nuns