Palm Sunday (6th Sunday of Lent)

Written on: March 21, 2013

Sr. Kay Purser

Sr. Kay Purser

On this Palm Sunday we read in Chapter 19 of Luke’s gospel the part of Jesus’ life journey where He experiences a triumphal entry into Jerusalem as king.

The people of His day were thinking of His reign as an earthly king, whereas Jesus knew differently. We see Him embracing and preparing for this part of His journey, sending His disciples to get the colt on which He will enter the city.

While the people are welcoming Him and “praising God aloud with joy for all the mighty deeds they had seen,” Jesus is not in a celebratory mood. He knows that His “Calvary,” however that will unfold, is ahead of Him. He knows that His upcoming suffering will be a difficult but necessary part of His journey. While Jesus would have to suffer and would feel the human pain of it all, He knows this is His mission. He also knows that His Father walks hand in hand with Him through all of this.

As onlookers, we can readily see the disconnect. Jesus and the townspeople are functioning on very different levels. Jesus knows that His time on earth is much more than meets the eye, that it’s a preparation for His and their/our eternity.

But we’re not just onlookers. At times in our lives we walk through some of the same experiences Jesus had going to Jerusalem. There are times when we can’t focus on the present moment because we’re anxious or worried about something: a relational problem with a friend or co-worker, or a health concern for a loved-one or ourselves, or the pressure of work, or not enough time to do all that needs to be done, or….

As Jesus embraced this part of His journey, so we too have to go through each step of our journey. And, just as the Father walked hand in hand with Jesus on His way to Jerusalem, so Jesus walks with us each step of our journey. Sometimes Jesus sends others to be with us, a good friend, an understanding co-worker, a thoughtful waitress.

Sometimes Jesus sends us to walk with someone else through their hard times. Don’t miss Jesus’ companionship each day. Look for Him. Talk with him. Thank Him. Whether we’re at a crossroads or difficult time in our journey or enjoying some blessings or companioning someone else, let us praise God aloud with joy for all the mighty deeds Jesus accomplishes with us and through us for our world every single day!

Sister Kathleen Purser spent her early years and many of her ministry years in Atlanta, GA. There she worked with several agencies helping elders. She is presently Secretary for the Leadership of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart

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