Third Sunday of Lent

Written on: March 5, 2013

Sr. Ann Bernadette

Sr. Ann Bernadette

In today’s Gospel, Luke relates to us the parable of the fig tree. It is an interesting story as we prepare for Easter.

The parable of the fig tree tells us that God is always at work pruning and fertilizing us so that we can produce fruit. So, during Lent, we pay special attention to our need to repent. This is not a bad thing. We also need to remember that our God is a God of consolation and love who never gives up on us, never condemns or rejects us. God knows who we are with all our faults and weaknesses. As with the fig tree, God keeps giving us “one more chance.”

As our “gardener” God is always at work in us to help us despite our failures. God’s compassion for us is one of the best fertilizers to help strengthen us in our resolve to be a better person, especially during this season of Lent. This “gardener” (Jesus) is the same Jesus we receive in Communion, the same Jesus who lives in our hearts and the hearts of all those with whom we come in contact. He it is who will enable us to share his compassion and thus reach out to all at this special season as we prepare for Easter.

Like the gardener in the parable of the fig tree, God is “slow to anger and abounding in kindness” and gives us every opportunity to grow and bear fruit. We all have boundaries – Jesus had boundaries which he sometimes broke. Find a way to break a personal boundary that will bless another person. You may find you are blessed as well.

May we all heed the words of Jesus today and use the remaining days of this Lenten season well and so produce the fruits of our actions as we approach Easter.

Sister Ann Bernadette Harron has been a teacher and worked in administration at St. Joseph’s University prior to coming to the Motherhouse. She has several duties that keep her very busy. She loves the outdoors and loves her daily walk.

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