Celebrate Earth Day, April 22, 2013

Written on: April 22, 2013

Woods walk poem

Perhaps the best way anyone could celebrate Earth Day, which is April 22, would be to spend it outdoors absorbing all the sights and sounds, textures and smells of Earth come alive after a long drawn out winter. If we are drawn to advocate for the health of Earth and all her inhabitants, it is because we have first developed a relationship with her and that takes time.  As the poet says, “You must take your time and touch the very peace they issue from.”

Then, if you fall in love with creation you will no doubt want to act on her behalf. Since climate change continues to be a serious issue that that may be a good place to start.   Three attachments provide more information.  The first two are from Education for Justice and the third is from Physicians for Social Responsibility.  You will find connections to the Social Justice teachings of the church, facts about climate and nutrition and a host of other resources from which to become educated about the serious problems facing the Earth.

May your celebration of Earth Day this Easter season bring you the New Life that Jesus wants us to have!

Pace e bene!

Earth Day Fast Facts_April 2013

Resources on Climate and Food Justice_April 2013 (3)









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