Litany to the Eternal Father

Written on: April 4, 2013

Stained glass rendering of the Eternal Father, GNSH Motherhouse Chapel

Stained glass rendering of the Eternal Father, GNSH Motherhouse Chapel

Let us unite with our Lord Jesus Christ and in his name pray God the Father, and implore his infinite mercy and goodness.

Let us also unite our sentiments with those the most holy and Immaculate Virgin Mary, the most perfect of his creatures, had while on earth for the Eternal Father.

Our Father in heaven,   hear the voice of your children on earth.

O Father, who had no beginning but who are the source of all things, be our ultimate end, and the source of all our works.

O Father of all eternity, show yourself our Father and give us a share in your everlasting glory.

O Father of the only begotten Son, grant that He may live in us with all His divine virtues.

O Father from who together with the Son, proceeds the Holy Spirit, come and establish in us your home.

O Father, source of all holiness, preserve in us your divine image.

O Father, source of all sanctity, give us a true desire for perfection.

O Father of wisdom and truth, preserve us from the prudence of worldlings and from all illusions.

O Father of Infinite Majesty, make us always mindful of your Divine Presence.

O Father of eternal light, disperse the clouds of our ignorance.

O Father, Creator of Angels and of all humankind, create in us new hearts.

O Father, the author of all, may your reign be everywhere established.

O Father, source of all love. multiply our works of charity and render them fruitful unto eternal life.

O Father, source of all power, make us ready to undertake all things for your glory.

O Father of all consolation, sustain us in our trials.

O Father of infinite love, be the sole object of our love.

O Father, who wills the salvation of all, accomplish in us the designs of mercy.

O Father, who out of pure love gave your Son for the salvation of the world, save a world so much loved by you.

O Father, who sends forth from your own heart the Incarnate Word, grant that He may reign supreme in our hearts.

O Father, who made Mary the Mother of God, glorify this blessed Mother in all ages.

O Father, who confided your Son to Joseph, give us also this saint for our guardian and father.

O Father, who has predestined us through Jesus Christ, grant that we may be of the number of the elect.

O Father, who gave up your Son for the ransom of captives, grant us that liberty which is enjoyed by your true children.

O Father, who out of your infinite love did not spare you Divine Son, grant that we may always be ready to sacrifice ourselves out of love for you.

O Father, your Son is most pleasing to you, grant that He may be pleased with us and that we may find our sole pleasure in Him.

O Father, whom the world has not known, grant that we may daily grow in your knowledge and love.

O Father, whom the Son has revealed, increase in us the gift of faith.

O Father, to whom the Son prayed with his dying breath, render His prayers and His blood efficacious for us.

O Father, to whom the Son, expiring on the Cross, committed his Soul, be merciful to us when we depart this life.

O Father, who raised your Son from the dead, raise all poor sinners to the state of grace.

O Father, who gave your Son a seat at your right hand, grant that we may reign with him in glory.

O Father, who poured forth the Holy Spirit upon your children,  render us faithful to His inspirations.

O Father, who hid the mystery of the Cross from the wise of the world, grant that we may understand this mystery of love.

O Father, who revealed to the lowly the mystery of the Cross, make us worthy of the treasures of grace hidden in this mystery.

O Father, who sees those who pray in secret, give us your heavenly knowledge and love of prayer.

O Father, who loves those who adore you in spirit and in truth, grant that in all things we may seek to please you.

O Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who are pleased also to be our Father, grant that we will always remain your faithful children.

O most loving Father, let the angels duly celebrate your infinite grandeur.

O Father most merciful, remember not our offences, but pour forth your mercy upon us.

O God, our protector, behold,

  • and look upon the face of your Christ.

O Lord, hear our prayer

  • and let our cry come to you.

Let us pray

O lord, all powerful God, you so loved the world as to give your only begotten Son, accept this thanksgiving which we offer your for so great a benefit; grant us by your kindness, help to accomplish with our whole heart and by all our actions, all that Jesus, you Son and our brother, has taught us by His words and example. Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.  AMEN

“My great source of confidence is God the Father.”    St. Marguerite d’Youville

“Our Eternal Father has us all in His keeping.”    St. Marguerite d’Youville


This Litany is still prayed by the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart in their great devotion to the Eternal Father, passed down to them from the spirituality of their founder, St. Marguerite d’Youville.  It has undergone minor changes in language and in length over the years, but  continues to be a supplication to our Heavenly Father and an invocation of his protection upon those who pray, and upon those who we pray for. It also gives us an example of how theological concepts were taught to the young women of the day who desired to become members of the Congregation.  With no formal theological schooling available to young women,  prayers, rich in theological significance, repeated daily, formed their spirituality and directed their minds toward God.

5 thoughts on “Litany to the Eternal Father

  1. Beverly Giesel says:

    What a JOY for me when The Holy Spirit inspired
    me to look up a Litany to our Dear Heavenly Father on
    the morning of Fathers Day last Sunday. I was led to this

  2. Imelda Gallagher says:

    What is the response of this litany of the ETERNAL FATHER?

  3. Fr. Martin deMayo says:

    Thank you for this Litany. It is a beautiful way to lift up
    Our hearts to Our Father in Heaven.

  4. nick schrah says:

    blessing and peace in abundance and unity with the eternal trinity now and forevermore through jesus through the holy ghost the holy spirit and through the eternal father infinite blessing and graces evermore amen

  5. Suellen Brewster says:

    I love this litany and am so happy to see it here. Thank you! I did not know there was a stained glass version of the painting of God the Father. It is beautiful. I have been searching for copies of the little libretto with the painting on the cover and this litany inside. I have one, but would like to give it to others. Do you know if it is available?

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