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Written on: June 6, 2013

The message below is from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), an excellent source of information and opportunities to weigh in on the many environmental issues we face. If you don’t already, we suggest that you visit the site frequently to keep current. If you have taken action through them before, you no doubt are receiving these alerts regularly. 

For an extra cent a gallon, new rules from the Environmental Protection Agency would cut pollution from gasoline and car tailpipes. The rules would make our air cleaner, reducing smog that worsens asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Oil companies say these rules are too expensive, and they’re fighting tooth and nail to block them. But your voice during the EPA’s comment period can put these rules in perspective. Right now, 42 percent of Americans live in a place where air quality standards aren’t met. The rules on car exhaust would turn that around — and save Americans over $10 billion per year on health care costs by 2030. There’s tremendous support to reduce car exhaust — the automobile industry, the American Lung Association, and 62 percent of Americans agree that these commonsense rules should be put in place.
Click here to email the EPA today to say you’re part of the majority that supports cleaner air.

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