Our Lives are Forever Connected; My God is a River

Written on: June 30, 2013

I see the playful rushing current roaring to the sea

waterfallMy God is a river enticing you and me!

 I see the joy of those who emerge from ugly deep dark caves

To view the sun and stars and on their wonders gaze.

 I see the boat with strong hands put to rowing

Upstream against the current they are going.

 I see the young tree-sheltered near the shore

Not yet free enough to God adore.

 I see the playful dancing of the waves

I trust that in the middle I’ll be saved.

 I ride the current filled with bliss

And meet my maker in the kiss.


 Rosalie Bertell 2Sister Rosalie Bertell, GNSH, PhD, an internationally recognized environmental epidemiologist, cancer researcher and public health advocate, died 14 June, 2012, at age 83. Dr Bertell entered the field of cancer research in the 1970s. What started then grew into a lifetime devoted to research, writing, public speaking and advocacy work on the effects of low-level radiation on human health. Although she was world renowned for her research and writing, first and foremost, she was a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart and deeply in love with her God.

0 thoughts on “Our Lives are Forever Connected; My God is a River

  1. Angel Conicelli says:

    thank you, Sr. Rosalie, for your significant, selfless contribution to the betterment of God creation. Rest in God’s peace.

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