Faithful Visitor- with Community, you are never alone!

Written on: July 1, 2013

When Sister Patricia Eileen came to the Motherhouse in 2005, she knew in her heart it was for a reason yet to be revealed!  And sure enough, within a few days a need surfaced for someone to visit our Sisters at St. Joseph Manor, in Meadowbrook, PA on a regular basis.

Over the last eight years Sister Patricia Eileen’s “Mission to the Manor Sisters” has been constant, only her schedule and the number of sisters to visit has changed.  At present, she goes to St. Joseph’s twice a week to be the community connection to our five Grey Nuns, but because of her outgoing personality almost every staff person knows her and is enlivened by her presence.  Sister Pat has created a wonderful ritual.  First she gets our Sisters to Mass in the chapel and then continues the celebration of sharing life by gathering them in a pleasant visiting area so they get to see each other and know they are not alone.

Sisters Kay Healy and Rose Mary Cauley have since joined the “Mission to the Manor” each taking one day a week.  On weekends it is very likely there will be a strong Grey Nun presence on each floor where our Sisters are.

0 thoughts on “Faithful Visitor- with Community, you are never alone!

  1. Angel Conicelli says:

    The sisters’ visits give new meaning to the phrase “look what the wind blew in”…the Holy Spirit is at work in their actions.

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