GNSH Associates: Yardley-Newtown Gathering

Written on: October 24, 2013

At our April 2013 Chapter one of the commitments that GNSH made for the future was to Foster Cosmic Consciousness. The Yardley-Newtown GNSH Associates  incorporated this theme in an Evening Prayer Service for Associates and Sisters at the Motherhouse Chapel in June 2013.  Under the direction of Maureen McElroy and Angel Conicelli, those present participated in a Cosmic Walk that introduced the Universe Story.  Participants viewed copies of original paintings by Sister Corlita Bonnarens, RSM showing the unfolding of the universe over 13 billion years.  An opening meditation by Kathleen McElroy Hennessy, MS in Astrophysics, provided a reflective background for our Cosmic Journey.

Sister Ann McKee shared three resource books published by Dawn Publications with simple explanations of the Universe Story written for children but thought provoking for grownups. In the first book, Born with a Bang, we read the following insight in a letter from Thomas Berry, Ph.D.  “To awaken to the wonder of the Universe is to appreciate life in its full excitement.  We might also develop a new capacity to relate to each other.  A reverence for the Universe is the beginning of true reverence for the divine and for each other.”

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Chapel steps

Arrangement of pictorial milestones in the history of the cosmos.

Maureen McElroy and Mary Ann Shneider

Maureen McElroy and  new Associate, Mary Ann Shneider

Ann McKee, Diane Bardol

Sharon Patrick, Sr. Diane Bardol and Sr. Ann McKee


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