SOIL Project for Haiti

Written on: October 23, 2013

The Grey Nuns’ Earth Committee invites you to join us in support of SOIL. The many-faceted benefits of SOIL’s approach to Haiti’s sanitation problems are impressive. Grey Nuns are eager to bring attention and support to SOIL’s good work.Grey Nun Sister Mary Finnick, who spent many years in Haiti, is a member of SOIL’s Board of Directors.

Please read about SOIL, contribute if you can, and tell others about this win-win project!

   S.O.I.L. – What’s it all about?

It’s about Haiti’s biggest challenges: sanitation, reforestation, employment.

What does SOIL do?
Ø Furnishes and maintains compost toilets in public places and more recently in private homes.
Ø Enriches soil by treating human waste and using it for compost
Ø Aids agriculture by using this compost to enrich soil so crops can flourish and people be fed.
Ø Increases jobs by employing local Haitians
Ø Improves public health, hygiene and sanitary conditions
Ø Protects water sources from pollution by human waste.

How can we support the SOIL project?
Ø Check out the SOIL web site:
Ø Raise and donate money for this project, either through SOIL’s website or through the GNSH Congregational Advancement Office at Click on “Donate Now” at the top of the page and indicate in the space marked “My donation is to be used for” that your donation is for the SOIL Project.

We invite you to collaborate with us to help improve conditions in Haiti, the poorest country in our hemisphere. Interest your family and friends, your parishes and your organizations.  Together and working with others, we can make a difference!



Now that summer is over, the Earth Committee asks your renewed support for SOIL. SOIL’s reforestations, recycling of wastes, provision of public and private toilets, are so needed in Haiti. Our Grey Nun support has been an encouragement and practical help for this win-win project. Consider those among your family and friends who would be pleased to join you in support of SOIL and, be direct, ask them to donate to SOIL. Asking is a way of being ‘invitational’, creating collaboration and extending knowledge of Haiti’s needs.  Let’s do it!

To obtain informational brochures to send to your contacts, call 627-364-0529 or email Sr. Carol with “Blog-SOIL” in the subject line.

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