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Written on: October 3, 2013

Below is an opportunity to speak against fracking more land in Pennsylvania. Please consider taking this action even if you are not a resident of PA.

Take Action!

Our state forests are the places we go to hike miles of tree-covered trails, take a deep breath of fresh air, where parents teach their kids to fish, and where friends camp under the stars in the summer.

These activities are what a state forest is for—not for the next dirty drilling site.

But right now, that’s what Rick Saccone wants to do. He is trying to force the state to open 300,000 acres of these beautiful areas to gas drilling. [1]

We have a chance to block this reckless proposal, but we have to act now. Tell your legislator: Protect our forests from fracking– oppose HB 1681.

If you remember the blowout in Sproul State Forest in 2010 that spewed 12,0000 gallons of toxic mud into the environment, these 300,000 acres will never be the same if this legislation becomes law.

The gas drilling industry already has access to 700,000 acres of our state forests, that’s more than 40% of our existing state forestland over the Marcellus Shale. And, many forest experts say leasing any more of these precious lands will put the most ecologically sensitive and pristine places at risk.

With session just starting back up, our best chance to stop this proposal is to raise a ruckus in Harrisburg right now.

If we can flood our legislators’ inboxes with 5,000 emails in the next week, I think we can avert this attack before it happens. Click here to send your email today.


David Masur
PennEnvironment Director

PS. We need to send a clear message to Harrisburg that Pennsylvanians won’t stand for opening more of our state forests to gas drilling. Please forward this email to at least 10 family and friends and ask them to join you in saying to drilling in our state forests

[1] HB 1681




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