A Moment on the Journey

Written on: December 13, 2013

The morning began early: we left our hotel at 5:30 AM in order to begin Stations of the Cross at six.  Later on these narrow Jerusalem streets would become noisy when shops opened, and vendors, tourists, and customers vied for precious space.

At this early hour we were able to  walk the Way of the Cross with little interruption.  Our guide held a tiny flashlight so that Father Tom could lead us in prayer. As our group moved reverently from Station to Station, I was conscious of all those I carried in my heart.

Mary Magdalene at the feet of Jesus

Mary Magdalene at the feet of Jesus

We ended at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher where Tom celebrated liturgy.  I was quite moved by the mosaic above the altar depicting the moments after Jesus died. His lifeless body, still nailed to the cross, is on the ground.  Two women mourn: his mother standing regal and composed, and the Magdalene, crouching bereft, as close to his lifeless body as she can get.  Each woman’s grief is palpable: so poignant, so personal, so real, so different.  Each woman loved him in her own way, as I must do– in my way.

This was one of the moments which touched my heart.

Sister Mary Karen Kelly

Sister Mary Karen Kelly

Sister Mary Karen Kelly

Holy Land Pilgrimage

October, 2013

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