Action Alert: the role of Pharmaceutical Companies in the Death Penalty

Written on: January 31, 2014

On January 16, 2014, the state of Ohio executed a man using a method that witnesses say was one of the most cruel and unusual in recent history. Dennis McGuire suffered for 24 long minutes before finally passing away — because Ohio decided to use an untested drug to kill him.

With doctors, nurses, and pharmaceutical companies all refusing to participate in executions, a small group of “compound pharmacists” are experimenting with untested, lethal injection cocktails to gruesomely kill people like Dennis McGuire and keep executions happening.

If the American Pharmaceutical Association would ban their members participating in executions, we could stop lethal injections and end almost all executions in the US.

Please join in telling the American Pharmaceutical Association to stop its involvement in executions now:

Death Row Updates:

Robert Rega’s (PA) execution was stayed for a second time on Jan. 21- no explanation given.

Herbert Smulls (MO) execution scheduled for 1/29/14 has been stayed over the question of which drugs will be used.

Laquaille Bryant  (PA) execution scheduled for 1/29/14 has been stayed- no explanation given

Pace e bene,

Sister Diane Bardol, GNSH

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