A moment on the journey … Cana by Sr. Mary Karen Kelly

Written on: February 5, 2014

On a warm, sunny afternoon in October, following a busy morning in bustling Nazareth, we entered a serene chapel in Cana, nestled in the hills of Galilee.

Father Tom invited the married couples into the sanctuary, where they formed a circle.  Each couple, standing face to face, holding hands, seemed aware only of itself and of the God in whose love they were joined.

Renewal of Marriage Vows CanaTheir faces gently glowed as they solemnly renewed the promises they had made years before. Evident were love, fidelity, commitment and perseverance.  Unspoken yet sensed were struggle, sacrifice, disappointment, and forgiveness.

The simple beauty of this renewal of marriage vows touched me deeply.   I prayed in gratitude for my parents and grandparents, and for all the couples among my family and friends who struggle daily to honor their wedding vows despite society’s casual dismissal of fidelity and commitment as secondary to “whatever works best for ME”.

God bless all married couples.  God help them to stay faithful.  God show us how to support them.

This was another special moment on the journey….

Sister Mary Karen Kelly GNSH was part of a Holy Land Pilgrimage in October 2013 led by Fr. Tom Cloherty. We are grateful for her reflections on the experience. 

February 3, 2014

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  1. David Dumet says:

    Beautiful words!!

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