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Written on: February 18, 2014

Tell Harrisburg- Don't lift the moratorium on state forest dBelow is an action alert from PennEnvironment  that we strongly urge you to take:

Gov. Corbett has proposed lifting a three-year moratorium on leasing of state forests and parks for gas drilling.
That will put our parks and forests at risk for blowouts, spills of toxic fracking wastewater and more.
We have just one week before the Legislature holds a hearing on this terrible proposal and we must make it clear that Pennsylvanians won’t stand by and let this happen.
In a recent interview about his proposal, Gov. Corbett said, “Nobody’s going to see the difference.”
But, there’s an overwhelming amount of evidence that the presence of fracking makes a huge difference.

We’ve seen wastewater flow over pads and thousands of feet through pastures to waterways. Blowouts and explosions spew toxic chemicals hundreds of feet in the air. The toxic pollution from drilling sites knows no bounds.

There is simply no way to lift this moratorium without putting our state forests at risk.

That’s exactly why we’re not going to stand by and watch more of our state be opened to drilling.

Click here to stand up for our state forests and parks today.  


Adam Garber
PennEnvironment Field Director

PS. We have just 10 days to get our elected officials to drive a stake through this proposal. Take action today and then forward this email to Pennsylvanians who also want to protect our state forests from drilling.

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