Debt Relief- a growing imperative

Written on: February 28, 2014

In 2000, the United Nations established the Millennium Development Goals, eight anti-poverty targets to be achieved by 2015. In collaboration with this worldwide movement we Grey Nuns voted back then to take a Corporate Stand in Support of Debt Relief for Impoverished Nations, (see ). It’s one that hasn’t received much attention, but thanks to an email from , a Grey Nun Associate,Angel Conicelli, we are re-focusing on this important issue.  In 2015 the UN will create new goals, which for the first time, could include justice and security measures targeting everyday violence against the poor. No doubt that will require a great deal of advocacy effort.

We urge you to visit thisThe Locust Effect website and sign the petition to the UN.  In addition to signing the letter to the Secretary General of the UN, an important part of that action would be to spend time reading all that this website offers in order to update yourself about this issue and consider what you can do to help eradicate the scourge of poverty.  If you are not too familiar with the debt relief issue, you may find this helpful. As a congregation, the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart  participated in Jubilee 2000/USA Campaign. Learn more about that organization here.

Lent begins in a few days. It is good to remember that Lent and Social Justice are about living in right relationship with each other and all of creation. It is a time to realize in the marrow of our bones that all life is one and that life is sacred because it’s God’s life. This is another way of practicing relational integrity.

Peace and all good for a life-giving Lent,

Diane Sig

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