The last week of February 2014

Written on: February 28, 2014

Motherhouse snow 5Into this last week of an “eternal” February  –

weighted by blizzard, ice storm, power failure and polar vortex-

struts the latest snowstorm,

advancing ominously from the west without apology.

The snow’s pure whiteness ceases to impress

while I fret about the new signs of life

evident in budding trees and emerging bulbs.

Small comfort the “Weather Wizards” glib assurance that it won’t amount to much;

the steady snowfall from darkened skies

pounds my winter-wearied spirit deeper

into potholes of depression—

and yet… and yet….

falling snow possesses an undeniable beauty…

a mesmerizing image of God’s mantle of forgiveness

spreading over me and all of creation…

a gentle invitation to walk in this forgiveness—

to let it cover me and its impact sink into me…

Motherhouse snow 4

My hope rekindled, I don my coat and boots

and head outdoors.

Mary Karen Kelly GNSH

February 28, 2014

Sr. Mary Karen Kelly sees the world with love for our creator and the eye of an artist.  We are happy to share her poems with you.

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