Save the Delaware River from Fracking!

Written on: March 4, 2014

Tom Johnson-Medland, a member of the Philadelphia Area Coalition for Responsible Investing (PACRI),  is working with  local artists in Philadelphia.  They are hoping to raise awareness along the Delaware River to protest Fracking because of the harmful residual damage  to soil, air and water. Petitions will be sent to the President as well as the US House and Senate, the Governor of Pennsylvania as well as the Pennsylvania House and Senate.

We ask your careful consideration of this grassroots awareness petition.  The group is trying to get a grant to develop a more comprehensive program for artists to engage the public with their art and protest.  Please consider signing on.

Tom is also working with two students from the state of Delaware on their Senior Class Project to educate people about the dangers of Fracking and then get folks to sign-on.  What a great collaboration.

Save the Delaware River


Sister Diane

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