Global Sisters Report

Written on: April 11, 2014

The National Catholic Reporter(NCR) has launched an online newspaper or news magazine named  Global Sisters Report. Funded by a grant from the Hilton Foundation, Global Sisters Report will feature articles on Catholic sisters and their work, around the world. The report will feature short blog-style posts which will primarily be responses to timely events or things in the news from the writers’ perspective. Women Religious will also be writing longer pieces  on such topics as: environmental issues, economic inequality/poverty and contemplation.  Inspiring or compelling photographs or visual artwork will also be featured.

We applaud NCR and the Hilton Foundation for focusing on the work of Women Religious in the United States.  Sadly, there is a perception that since Sisters are rarely seen in classrooms or hospitals, they mustn’t be doing anything “Catholic” anymore.  They certainly are!  We encourage you to subscribe to the report.  Click here to subscribe to the Global Sisters Report  to learn what Sisters are doing today.




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