Lenten Almsgiving for SOIL

Written on: April 10, 2014

Thank you to Sister Artist Pat Watkins for her depiction of SOIL after learning of SOIL’s work in Haiti. This rendering of SOIL is the result. It is being used at the Grey Nuns’ Motherhouse as a visual focus for our Lenten ‘Almsgiving for SOIL’ effort.

Soil ArtThe “Key” states:

Brown & black– waste

Hand– creating hand

Green– growing, healing

Non-descript flower-new devices





So far, Grey Nuns have raised almost $7000 in support of SOIL. Beyond SOIL’s great sanitation and fertilization work, we note here some more reasons for supporting SOIL:

  • SOIL is based solely in Haiti and over 93% of every dollar contributed goes directly to programs.
  • SOIL designs projects to incorporate social business principles and supports spin-off enterprises to encourage solutions that can become financially self-supporting and ensure long-term change.
  • SOIL purchases supplies locally and contracts with local businesses whenever possible, this keeps their costs to a minimum and supports the long-term expansion of Haiti’s economy.

62 of SOIL’s 66 staff are Haitian, and everyone on the staff speaks the local language (Haitian Creole) and endeavors to understand the social norms in the communities where they operate. For more information about SOIL’s work, go to oursoil.org

We hope you will join us in supporting this worthwhile, sustainable endeavor.

SOIL logo



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