Help women help their families this Mother’s Day

Written on: May 10, 2014

It might be a little late to do this for Mother’s Day, but we love our Mothers every day. Show your Mom some love by showing her how much you care about others.

A mother’s love for her child is extraordinary and the thought of being separated from her child, unbearable. For women seeking asylum, leaving their homeland also means leaving their children.  They must do this in order to save their own lives and the lives of their children.  Their hope is that they will find safety and then bring their children to safety, too.

To see a woman who has been physically and mentally tortured and persecuted stay strong in order to give her children hope is powerful. These incredible women often talk about how they fled in order to give their own daughters a better life – a life without fear of rape and torture. The loneliness, uncertainty and difficulty of seeking asylum can take its toll on anyone. One woman who participated in AWE fled her country two years ago after she was arrested, raped, and tortured several times.  She is a human rights advocate and spoke out for the rights of girls and children in her country.  When she fled, she had to leave four children behind.  Her children were sent to live with relatives. Often, the police would question the relatives and her children as to her whereabouts.  After more than two years, she now has her asylum and is able to have her children join her here in safety.

Asylee Women Enterprise is committed to helping women find safety and rebuild their lives so that they can be reunited with their families.  AWE provides housing, community, and companionship to women seeking asylum.  Last year, AWE served 76 individual asylum seekers and their families.

This Mother’s Day, please honor these women.  Make a donation today on behalf of your mother or another important woman in your life.  Help us to house, feed and build a community for women seeking asylum. For more information about AWE or for other ways to support our work, please contact Molly Corbett at


Molly Corbett

Executive Director

P.S. A homemade notification card can be sent to your gift honoree at your request. Please leave your request and the address of your honoree in the comments section of our online donation form. Thank you!

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The Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart are part of a consortium of women who care about their sisters seeking asylum. We collaborate with and support those who are providing safe living spaces and advocating for immigration reform.


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