Sister Rose Mary Cauley 60th Jubilee

Written on: May 2, 2014


Sister Rose Mary CauleySister Rose Mary Cauley (Sister Mary de Montfort) spent many years of her childhood and early life and of her ministry in Buffalo, New York. Her years as a teacher were spent in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Buffalo. Her missionary spirit took her to Lima, Peru, where she spent four years at St. Norbert Parish. She founded Providence House in Buffalo, NY, which provided a residential environment, in which well-abled and disabled people live together for mutual support.  Rosie remained at Providence House for 21 years, serving disabled men and women with great love and devotion. Rosie also served the congregation as a member of leadership of the Grey Nuns and now in her retirement continues to serve as a pastoral companion to Grey Nuns living in personal care facilities at a distance from the Motherhouse.

My favorite part of ministry was always the people. Knowing students and families, learning about ways of living that were challenging and exciting and being part of the lives of others were my greatest joys. I tend to be more shocked at how alike we all are rather than how different.  The people I’ve met and the new ideas shared have encouraged me to keep trying.  My life as a Grey Nun has been a privilege and a challenge. One day I “get it” and the next day I don’t but I am appreciative of this grace and of doing this with so many Sisters from whom I have learned and continue to learn. During these 60 years, I have met many people and have received much from so many. Some understood what being a Grey Nun meant and many did not.  However I always introduced myself by saying, “Hi, I’m Rosie. I’m a Grey Nun.” I often wondered why I said that but I think it has lots of meaning.



We will be featuring all of our 2014 Jubilarians prior to the Congregational Jubilee celebration  May 17 in  Yardley, PA. Collectively these 15 women have served God and His People for 900 years! God Bless them and their families for the gift of their generous hearts and lives.

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