Ecology-Spirituality Group Annual Meeting

Written on: July 24, 2014

CommitmentThe annual gathering in Clarks Summit was held June 21-22. Sisters and Grey Nun Associates met to learn about and discuss climate change/global warming. After morning prayer led by Sr. Donna Lord, the participants divided into 6 groups. Three movements guided the conversations:   contemplation; asceticism; and prophetic stance; i.e. taking a good long look at what is the reality; reflecting on what to let go of or sacrifice in order to help our world heal and be whole and holy; and considering specific actions our hearts and prayers call us to say and do.

Afterwards, a film entitled “Too Hot Not to Handle”  was viewed. Filmmakers Maryann DeLeo and Ellen Goosenberg Kent offer a thoughtful meditation on global warming along with various suggestions on what  can be done to heal the planet and avoid causing further damage to our home, planet Earth.

After the film the small groups regrouped to think together about reactions and responses.

Time for contemplative silence, opportunities to enjoy the natural surroundings at the monastery, and a chance to continue conversations with friends new and old were provided throughout the schedule.

Sister Pat Watkins presented, “Walking through the Obstacles” which reviewed the position of people who are NOT convinced that humans have any responsibility for the climate change phenomenon that we are experiencing.

In the evening, there was a sharing of poetry, music, theatre, photos, and reflection – all connected with appreciation and gratitude for the diversity of creation, the immensity of the cosmos, etc. Some of the sharing was serious or meditative; other sharing was hilarious and all was good fun.

Sunday morning participants spoke of their own individual experience of the weekend and how one’s greater awareness of the seriousness of climate change and humanity’s impact on it might lead to a specific sacrifice, transformation, and/or action.

Next Gathering:   June 26-28, 201

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