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Written on: October 23, 2014

The following was sent through Catholic Mobilizing Network

Sisters Donna Butler and Rita Clare Gerardot, Sisters of Providence of Saint-Mary-of- the-Woods are asking our prayers for David Hammer, whose death sentence was changed, in July, 2014 to life without parole. The Sisters have remained in contact with David Hammer via visits, emails, phone calls since 2000. Their message follows:

While we rejoice in this change of sentence, we are horrified at the next possible step – that he (David Hammer) would be sent to the prison in Florence, Colorado.  Amnesty International in July, 2014 produced a 35 page document on the human rights violations at this prison. 

Moreover David has multiple medical problems and the Board Of Parole has determined he needs a level 3 care facility.  ADX in Florence, Colorado is not a level 3 facility and is 30 minutes away from a hospital making emergency care, which David has needed before, almost impossible.

This decision will probably be made in the near future.  S. Rita Clare has contacted both the prison warden and the district warden regarding David’s placement.

Please keep David’s situation in your prayer. 

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