Action Alert: No Keystone XL!

Written on: January 9, 2015

A new, much more anti-environment Congress has now convened and as we warned you in December, new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made approving the climate-wrecking Keystone XL tar sands pipeline Congress’ first order of business. Lawmakers are expected to vote on this disastrous bill any time.

National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is moving swiftly to mobilize massive public opposition to this bill — and we need your help to build a “No KXL” firewall and show the new Congress that its Big Polluter Agenda won’t fly with the American people.

Please act now and tell your Senators to vote NO on any bill that would force approval of the Keystone XL pipeline!

This misguided bill would green-light the Keystone XL, dramatically increasing production of Canadian tar sands oil — one of the dirtiest fuels on the planet — and helping to drive more climate chaos for generations to come.

Make no mistake: With a new Congress laden with even more climate deniers, it may be nearly impossible for us to win a vote on the Keystone XL.

So it’s absolutely crucial that we generate a massive public outcry against the pipeline that is big enough to sustain a Presidential veto. That means every single vote counts.

NRDC’s rapid response team is springing into action on Capitol Hill, shoring up the opposition to the bill, and focusing our advocacy on those crucial swing votes that could determine whether Congress will be able to sustain the President’s veto.

Please do your part to help by telling your U.S. Senators to vote against any attempt to approve the Keystone XL.

I’m sure you agree: We cannot stand by while Senator McConnell and his oil industry allies deepen our dependence on dirty fossil fuels and accelerate climate change — all while enriching a handful oil companies.

Thank you for standing with NRDC in opposition to the Keystone XL.This is our first battle against the anti-environment leaders of the new Congress and their polluter-sponsored assault on our environment. Let’s show them right out of the gate that we’re ready to defend our climate, our health and the future of our planet.

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