Food Advocacy Letter Writing

Written on: January 28, 2015

The Social Concerns Committee at St. John the Evangelist Church (Morrisville, PA), aims to find activities that reflect concern for the vulnerable in our local area and opportunities to work for justice on the larger national and global area. Most recently, our Martin Luther King- Day of Service project focused on food advocacy for child nutrition programs. We prepared for the day by clarifying, inviting participation and acting on behalf of children and adults in need of good nutrition.

Clarification included informing constituents that the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act of 2010 (P.L. 111-296) will expire September 30, 2015 and naming at risk programs.

Invitation included preparing sample letters and information sheets for those who preferred to write individual letters and finding ways to share the letters.

Action included receiving letters from the Grey Nun Motherhouse, Parishioners of St. John’s and Woodside Presbyterian Church during the many activities of the MLK Day of Service.

When the letters were delivered to Representative Michael Fitzpatrick, he was impressed by the community activity and the process we used. Hopefully, this will urge him to take action by voting for a generous budget and renewal of P.L. 111-296!

As the day was ending, a friend of the Grey Nuns, Mary Ann Benz, asked about many Grey Nuns with whom she had worked in the past and commented, “I’ve always missed Sister Mary Raphael. She was a wonderful woman and a true advocate for Justice.” How nice to receive this compliment and recall our dear Sister in Justice.

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