Written on: March 9, 2015

If you haven’t found a source of inspiration for your Lenten Journey, we are sharing a few offerings.

NETWORK is offering a Lenten Journey that will deepen our knowledge and compassion for different groups of people along the U.S. wealth spectrum.

Initially the focus will be the extreme wealth inequality as a social sin that all of us have a role in repenting, healing, and reconciling. Then, the journey will lead through the U.S. wealth spectrum, deepening our understanding of it from the bottom to the top, 20% at a time. Resources are posted each Friday for the following week including information to call your members of Congress about issues related to the bottom 20% quintile. You will only receive these resources if you sign up for these Lenten emails  NETWORK’s Lenten action calendar is a handy resource!

Lent is an opportunity to reflect and go within to take inventory. Let us take the time for reflection these next 40 days. Let us all leave behind what is holding us down and pick up the tools to help us create a restored heart open to God’s love and mercy.

How we, as individuals, see others and all situations in life, determines how as a society we respond in justice to others.  Learning more about the death penalty and deepening your commitment to do everything in your power to end it is a worthy Lenten project.  Follow this link for inspiration

We also encourage you to click over to our Eco-Spirituality post on Water to read of another topic for Lenten Reflection! The Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart encourage you to DO something positive for Lent!



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