Written on: April 27, 2015

Mr. Ed Lawrence contacted the Grey nuns of the Sacred Heart about being a “Praying Congregation” for a cyber-network which is being designed.  It involves an internet website that will connect people who are requesting prayers for a particular intention with religious congregations who will accept the responsibility of praying for these intentions.

Our Motherhouse community is a powerhouse of prayer and has agreed to be the nucleus of the “praying congregation” for the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart.  This is a new venture which Philadelphia’s Archbishop Charles Chaput has endorsed as well as local Religious Congregations. We will be one group of several who will be praying intercessory prayers for intentions being sent our way.

“Prayers Unite the Word” links those in need of prayer support and Religious Congregations who promise to pray for their welfare.  Both groups benefit:  people who have no one to pray for them are remembered and websites of Religious Congregations are linked through prayer and this cyber-network.  Religious Congregations have their charisms and mission promoted to more people.  Gratitude is the outcome of both thrusts of this cyber-network.

We accept your prayers directly, also. Click the Prayer Link to learn how to request prayers from the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart.  PRAYER LINK. You can also submit prayer requests online from our Contact Us page

55 thoughts on “MOTHERHOUSE. A “POWERHOUSE” of Prayer

  1. Kimberly Stacknick says:

    I ask God to restore, rebuild, heal, cure, renew, transform, mend, perfect & bring back my marriage to Jim & for his infidelity & all contact with the other girl will cease forever & to bring him home devoted to me today. In Jesus name.

  2. Elizabeth S says:

    I pray my husband will end his affair and return to our family. I pray to keep my current job

  3. Lea C says:

    Please pray for me, Lea for a legal matter in which my personal safety and my job as a nurse are being attacked.

  4. Elizabeth S says:

    In the name of Jesus Christ I pray you will walk with me and help me carry my cross through my losing husband and my job. I pray for strength and protection with the shed blood of Christ and the holy angles

  5. Elizabeth S says:

    In the name of Jesus Christ I pray you will walk with me and help me carry my cross through losing my husband and my job. I pray for strength and protection with the shed blood of Christ and the holy angles

  6. Beth Langerud says:

    Hi all!! I am in desperate need of many prayers for my son Dante.
    He is 18 and autistic, will turn 19 on June 7th. He was arrested yesterday and taken to jail. He isn’t dealing with this very well and told me he would rather die than be in jail. I am absolutely broken and have to try to be strong for him. I am literally crying here and begging each of you to please pray for my baby boy Dante.

  7. Bill and Carol says:

    Updated Prayer Requests:

    Easter for Mercy and Peace Now and in the Days ahead…2020,21.. Oh God we pray!
    Prayer for Mercy and Peace!

    Dear Sisters & Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying with all of us during this dark time history.

    Just know we are praying with you daily.
    Please continue to pray with us daily Now and in the days ahead 2020,2021… for God’s Mercy,Healing and Protecting Peace in these dark times. We are all vulnerable. Especially Seniors,Children and People with Health Issues.
    In His Mercy and Peace.

    Bill and Carol. oh. usa

    PS. Years ago we lost our only son. We are still feeling the loss today. Our hearts go out to all.

  8. Melissa Wagner says:

    Dear sisters please pray for me and my family.

  9. Angela Hughes says:

    Please pray for my mother in law Jackie she has a spirit of jezebel that is against her sons marriages. Pray the spirit of Jezebel and Ahab be removed from her and her husband. She does and says things to bring strife in the family. As a result the family is falling apart. Please pray that she repents and receives salvation thru Jesus Christ and a heavy conviction of her sin falls on her heart to remove the bitterness and anger. Pray that her and her husband Matt humble themselves before God and that this family can be healed and restored in Jesus Name Amen

  10. Stephanie says:

    To the father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
    Jesus I feel like that there are just single father’s who work out at the Y where I work out at . Jesus I do not want to become friends with a single father . Jesus I don’t want a Instant family . Jesus I do not see that for my self .
    Jesus I would like a single man with no strings attached to him .
    In Jesus name amen
    Please Jesus answer this prayer?
    Please Jesus make this happen in my life after all you know the plan for me ?

  11. Stephanie says:

    To the father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.
    Jesus please help me that my friendship stay healthy as possible? Jesus please have my friends contact me in stead of me always contacting them ? Jesus please make sure that I hang out with my friends ? Jesus to help my friendship stay healthy and that I ‘am not always at the Y working out that and that I ‘am not always with my mom . Jesus I do not want my friends to lie too me . Jesus I always want my friends to tell the truth too me . Jesus I want the group txt to still go around . Jesus please reunite me with Andrew Brett Camille Delaney Ryan Lindsey Kim Tori these are my college friends Jesus please keep them in my life ?
    In Jesus name amen

  12. Faruk says:

    My Name is Faruk. I am Muslim.
    I Love a girl Name wahida.
    i want to marry her.So, i Request to pray that her to come to me and marry me soon.

    And i also will promise that if god give me gift Wahida as my wife whom i love that .
    I will Surrender Myself to Lord Jesus Christ and convert to Christianity with my wife Wahida through is mercy if god wishes.

  13. I v a n says:

    please pray for healing for my mother & me who have heart problem, osteoarthritis and nerve disorders, thank you.

  14. Leena Jordane says:

    Prayer request for deliverance for deliverance of my husband ungodly souls ties relationships and lust deliverance

  15. Jeffrey says:

    A sword has pierced my heart. My sister Denice passed away from cancer. I miss her terribly.

    Thank you.

  16. mary says:

    Prayers for healing of sinus blockage causing balance problems and good dec. about surgery

  17. Alfred Brown says:

    Prayer Request:

    Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his conversion to true faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray for the salvation of his soul. Pray for his healing spirit, soul, and body Ask God to reveal his love to Eric.He needs God’s healing love to flow through his life.
    Thank You,
    Alfred Brown

  18. Stephanie says:

    Dear God
    God I do not know what your plan is for Mason and I friendship is because . God I ‘am not happy that Mason has a girlfriend and it is not me Stephanie . Well God I ‘am not happy about the fact that Mason has a girlfriend . God this is how unhappy that I’am . God I pray that Mason girlfriend breaks up with him. God so it doesn’t look like Mason break up with her for Mason to be with me . God it is Totally complicated. Well God this friendship is any ways .
    In Juse name amen

  19. Stephanie says:

    Dear God
    Since this is Holy week . I ‘am asking you plase God ? Keep Lindsey ,Tori
    , Delaney, Camille , Kim , Brett ,Ryan , Drew in my life ? Please God
    keep my new friends in my life ? God I had so much fun last Friday
    bowling with my new friends that I made this semester . Please God I’am
    asking please continue the fun?
    In Jesus name amen

  20. Mary Jo says:

    Please pray for my boyfriend Matthew to find a job ASAP. He was fired from his job this past Thursday and he desperately needs a job to help him stay out of jail and of course to help with financial issues. Also please pray for mercy from the judge. A dog attacked him. He hit the dog to get it off him, the dog’s owner attacked Matthew and a fight ensued. My boyfriend was arrested and is now facing jail time.

    Thank you,
    Mary Jo

  21. Dianne condie says:

    please pray for me and my love jean-jacques that our relationship blossom into a loving marriage, and for my friends Nick and Paul who have cancer. bless also pete copeland who suffers from anxiety. thank you

  22. Karen Howe says:

    Please pray for Suzanne for healing of kidney disease. Only 38 but severe problems.She needs prayer for financial needs and a job to provide for daughter ,Des , 19 , Des shot in head in Jan. Doing very well but needs prayer for recovery right arm and hand and for wise decision making and clear judgment and good mentors and counselors and appreciation of her mothers unwavering support and vocational rehabilitation and a job to help at risk kids or mental or physically handicapped.

  23. Martha vottero says:

    Please pray for Jackson to be able to stay with his grandparents. May God bless you

  24. Mary says:

    Please pray for me and many loved ones desperate for healing, thanks and God bless, Mary

  25. SS says:

    Please pray for me because I’m having trouble praying for myself. Everything in my life seems dark and I feel like I’m losing faith. Life has started to feel so pointless and my fear of dying is getting worse. I can’t stop thinking about the possibly that there is no heaven and that even if there is I don’t have what it takes to get in.

  26. Asha Rajan says:

    please pray for my Son RISHIKESH, 14 yrs., who is preparing for Class 9 Board Exams. He is not interested in his studies . He is unable to concentrate on his studies, also his over confidence makes him postpone his studies always.
    He is giving more interest in unwanted things(watching games) rather in his studies.
    .He cannot speak fluently . Dear lord please pray to improve to speak fluently
    He now just disrespects/ not listening his parents, teachers & elders and also does not care for anyone. He is always shouting to parents. I feel his hurting inside and take his anger on us. Please pray for him.. Dear lord we are all worried about my son
    Thank you sisters

  27. Joan says:

    Dear Sisters,
    Please pray for me to have a son that i always dream of. I will be forever grateful for this.

  28. S.h. says:

    Please pray that my husband will love me like he used to. That his heart is opened and he shows his love again. That past hurts are forgotten and healed and that we are closer and more in love than ever before from now on. Please pray that God pierces his heart with the arrow of my love and that he never lies to me again, that he stops spending all his time on his job and makes time for resting and his family. I love him so much and worry about him, I want us to be so happy and at peace, thank you for your prayers, God bless you all!

  29. S.h. says:

    Please pray for Jim’s wife, she had a hysterectomy, please pray that she is healthy and recovers fully. Please pray for Matt and his wife so that they can fix their marriage and come back together stronger than ever, please pray for Ken and his wife so that they fix their marriage, please pray for my husband, that our marriage is healed and we come back together stronger and closer together than ever and that we stay that way forever. Please pray for my daughter that she stops living with her boyfriend. Please pray for my family, that they are pure and always honest. Please pray that God blesses us and that we are guided every day towards heaven.

  30. David M. says:

    I ask your prayers for the healing of my eyesight and for help with diabetes. I am otherwise a vibrant 40s looking and ac ting 64 year old gentleman. Pray that the Lord will also show me what I can do for Him. Thank you, Sisters.

  31. Agnelo says:

    Please pray for sanctification and the grace of final perseverance for Victoria, Philip, Keith, Celine, Gemma and Beatrice. Please pray for the souls of my ancestors and grandparents in purgatory and for me to be completely healed of chronic stomach disorder.

  32. Agnelo says:

    Please pray for the sanctification of Sr. Beatrice, Sr. Celine and Sr. Gemma. Please pray to Jesus to cleanse me in His Precious Blood and anoint me with His Holy Spirit. Please pray to Jesus to grant me the gift of faith and for my faith to endure to the very end.

  33. Hana says:

    Please pray for the healing of my spirit,

    Thank you

  34. pam says:

    Please pray with me Pam I am under a lot of financial stress and need a financial breakthrough. I also need prayers for my Daughter Leigh and Husband Norman who is always rude and angry when they dont get there way our home is so unpleasant at the moment I pray that Leigh will change her attitude towards me and respect me as her mother

    GOD I need a miracle please
    Thank you
    THank you kindly

  35. Bill and Wife says:


    Our Broken and Exhausted Hearts Continue to Cry out to God Day and Night for His Mercy and Peace!

    October 3,2016.

    3:00 PM ” Hour of Mercy.”

    Dear Sisters and Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying with us daily in the long road to God’s Peace and Hope!

    On a personal note: Our personal recovery from terrible losses(Death of Son and Other Deaths..) in our lives and present hardships has been very slow in restoration! Please continue to pray for relief from severe financial misery and other sorrows which is making recovery so much harder! PRAY FOR PEACE!!!

    Please continue to pray with us daily(Oct,Nov..Christmas 2016,2017..??) for God’s Healing and Protecting Peace! There is so much pain,sorrows,suffering and misery! The future is so dark and foreboding(Terrible Events..) for all of us? Especially from this point on in Human History? 2017 onward??

    Please continue to pass Urgent Prayer Request on: Nuns,Sisters,Convents,Priests,Monks,Monasteries,Parishes,Shrines,Prayer Groups and Others you know of in the Worldwide Community of Prayer??

    Meanwhile,We continue to stay at our Post in Prayer and Hope despite all the pain and sorrows!

    In His Mercy and Peace,

    Bill and Carol. oh.usa.

    PS. We will continue to pray for you(Community)as our Broken and Exhausted Hearts Continue to Cry out to God Day and Night for His Mercy and Peace!

  36. Robin D Greeen says:

    Prayer for strength during this difficult time in my life. Prayer for inner peace, inner love, and inner strength. Prayer for self love, self respect, and self acceptance. Self loving thoughts, and peace of mind. Prayer to find affordable housing and car. To change my life for the better. LOVE AND PEAC

  37. dave says:

    My brother Richie in in the ICU for pancreatitis. He is fighting for his life. Please pray for him. He was also in a a coma in 2006 and I asked this same site to pray and he woke up. I believe in GOD and miracles. Thank you very much. -Dave

    1. Maryellen Glackin says:

      We are holding your brother, Richie, in our prayers, Dave. Thank you for letting us know.

  38. patrick says:

    Please let them leave hospital happy and healthy

  39. Yamile M Barquet says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Thank you for your prayers for my mom, Claudina Barquet. Mom is now very near the end of her earthly life after twenty one years of suffering with Alzheimer’s. At this time, I would like to ask you to pray for her. Please pray for peace for her soul.

    Thank you and God bless you,

    Yamile M. Barquet

    1. Maryellen Glackin says:

      We hope your Mom will be at peace. Please be assured of our prayers.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Sisters, My daughter’s friend owes me money that she borrowed. I’ve asked her to repay me because I’m in a financial bind. She keeps on lying about it. Please pray that God will speak to her heart to do the right thing. She’s none Christian. She has had ample time to repay the money. Thank you

    1. Maryellen Glackin says:

      We are very sorry for your troubles and pray that you may find peace in the situation, no matter the resolution.

  41. Lynette Simon says:

    Dear Sisters,
    Please help me pray for my daughter, Monique. She is a drug addict with 5 young children who need their momma
    Thank you

  42. Alison Chesney says:

    Please pray for my step father; his name is Howard Bender. Hi is living in Knoxville,TN. He is fighting leukemia and needs help. We are praying for a miracle cure or remission. Please help us and we need him here with us longer. He is a good man and has the desire to live here on earth longer. Please please help us pray. Thank you so much for taking requests; you are angels on earth to us.

  43. Alison Chesney says:

    Please pray for my step father, his name is Howard Bender. He is living in Knoxville. TN. He is fighting a nasty battle with leukemia cancer. We are praying for a cure; a miracle…or a remission so we can have more time with him as our family needs him. Please help us pray as we believe in the power of prayer. Thank you so much. You are angels on earth to us.

  44. Catherine says:

    Please pray that my son, Noah, would have friends. He has few to speak of.
    Please also pray that God would provide a wonderful girl as a companion for him.
    Thank you so much!

  45. Xavier says:

    Please pray for the repose of souls of 1) Joseph Conceisao, 2) Cherian Eapen, 3) Fredy Noronha, 4) Peter Correia, 5) Leonora Correia, 6) Lilia Conceisao, 7) Aleixo Silva 8) Esperansa Rego, 9) Celine Dias, 10) Leo Correia, 11) Victoria Conceisao, 12 Cherian Eapen, 13) Mary Celine 14) Francis Costa 15) Agnelo Correia

  46. Ivan Guzman-Vital says:

    Please help me pray regarding regarding my SSI, my section 8 Housing, peace at my job, family, amongs friends, neighbors, and to get my own place soon. I also pray for world peace specially for evil to go away. All in Our Lord Jesus. Amen.

  47. David says:

    I continue to be in desperate need of intercessory prayer from my Christian brothers and sisters. I am desperately seeking Divine intervention during these next two weeks to resolve my legal issues in my favor without another court appearance. I fear that another court appearance will not go well for me, and result in the destruction of my career, and life. I am also asking for Divine intervention into my financial problems. I am in desperate need of money, not only to fight my legal battles, but also to pay my regular bills, and survive. I am also asking that the Holy Spirit directly guide my attorney in everything that he does on my behalf from now on. And, if necessary that I will be provided with additional competent legal counsel very soon to assist me in resolving this legal issue in my favor. I am praying for signs and miracles to begin to happen in my life very soon. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. Thank you all for your prayers.


    1. Maryellen Glackin says:

      David, we wish you God’s peace and will keep you in our prayers. Remember that no matter what happens, it is always a door opening for us to choose the right path. God desires your peace and happiness as much as you do. May you find true peace and true happiness within your circumstances.

  48. nancy says:

    Let them offer my fiance Christopher a recovery home , or live in drug program on his next court date don’t let him go to prison so he can come home and he can change his life so we can get a chance to be a family. Heavenly Father you know he’s been changing and we all make mistakes.

    1. Maryellen Glackin says:

      Dear Nancy, We are praying for both you and Christopher. May you both find peace and the ability to live your lives fully as God intended. We will pray for a successful outcome to this situation and God’s will to be done. Know that you are not alone.
      Thank you for visiting our website.

  49. gina says:

    Please pray for my son Matthew that he receive good news soon about his career/employment. He has worked so hard to succeed in his profession but has suffered many set backs which have prevented him from working in the field he trained for most of his life.

    1. Maryellen Glackin says:

      We will add your son, Matthew, to our prayer list. Thank you for visiting our website.

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