Our 2015 Jubilarians

Written on: April 19, 2015

Each year in May the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart celebrate the women of our Congregation who have reached milestone years in their Religious Vocation.  This year we celebrate 10 women marking a combined total of 550 years of loving service to the people of God in a variety of ministries.

We invite you to read their stories and be inspired by all they have done and continue to do in the Spirit of our Foundress St. Marguerite d’Youville. Click on the Sister’s name to see her photo and read her story.

Sister Irene Murphy- 75th Jubilee:  As a Grey Nun, I’ve always been happy. Living in community with others is like living as a family. So many sisters in one big family!  These years of retirement have been good ones for me.  I enjoy more time for prayer and reflection in the Chapel and with the other Sisters.

Sister Mary Denis Woods- 70th Jubilee:  My 70th Jubilee is a time to thank God for all the opportunities that He has provided in the missions where I served.  I thank God for the gift of each day and trust in Divine Providence for the days yet to come.

Sister Rita Frances Brady- 60th Jubilee: My sixty years as a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart have been blessed with many opportunities to see God working in my life.  It is a joy to be a Sister!

Sister Mary Karen Kelly- 60th Jubilee: Of all the items on my Grey Nun Gratitude List, I treasure most the opportunity to grow spiritually…These sixty years are amazing manifestations of God’s Providential love.

Sister Faith Marie McGahan- 60th Jubilee: As I ponder my 60 years as a Grey Nun, I am grateful for the many Grey Nuns who guided me and showed me what it means to be a true daughter of St. Marguerite D’Youville

Sister Cecelia Cosgrove- 50th Jubilee:  Jubilees are about the blessings received that make it possible for life to go on, for faithfulness to endure, for gifts to be received.  I have been blessed to be a daughter of St. Marguerite d’Youville, a woman who showed us how to be steadfast and courageous, concerned for others, unafraid to take risks and in love with God.

Sister Elizabeth Dawn Gear- 50th Jubilee: I feel blessed to have reached this milestone of fifty years and look forward to this celebration. There have been many people who have touched my life…

Sister Mary Salvadore- 50th Jubilee: Over the years, I have been inspired by Grey Nuns who are giants in their ministries of healing, teaching and serving the needy in many ways. I feel blessed to be part of that.

Sister Mary Dee Smith- 50th Jubilee: Throughout these fifty years, I have been greatly blessed, realizing that even times of struggle and darkness are graced moments bringing a firm awareness that at the very base of me, I am rooted in the One who first called me. With the support, love and guidance of sister Grey Nuns, my life has been rich and still open to further possibilities for contemplation, service and praise.

Sister Eileen Spanier- 25th Jubilee: It is a special grace to be able to celebrate my Silver Jubilee during 2015, proclaimed by Pope Francis as the “Year of Consecrated Life”.  May I be a sign of true joy, an instrument of God’s hand to “wake up the world.” I pray to spend this year growing in fidelity to the “aims” of this special year: to look to the past with gratitude, to live the present with passion and to embrace the future with hope! 

5 thoughts on “Our 2015 Jubilarians

  1. Anne Hoar O'Donnell says:

    My husband and I both graduated from Our Lady of Fatima in Jackson Heights,New York in the sixties. We both have fond memories of the time we spent there. The Sisters made me who I am today; I can’t thank them enough for the love and kindnesses that I received. IWe were given an education above and beyond our and our parents expectations,; the seeds of our faith were planted there. The Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart are always in my thoughts; my prayers and best wishes are with you.

  2. Mary Pfeiffer says:

    Congratulations to all who have devoted their lives to continuing the mission of St. Marguerite d’Youville. May God continue to bless you all with peace, love and joy. Thank you for sharing your talents, ministry and faith! Special best wishes to Sr. Eileen and a big thank you for your support when I converted to Catholicism and your continued friendship 🙂

  3. Anne Marie Wiseman says:

    Congratulations Sister!

  4. Frances Beltram Nicolini says:

    OMG so many familiar names, God bless you all and keep you healthy.

    1. Mary Karen Kelly says:

      Thanks, Francie. How special to hear from you!
      I remember you from Holy Angels School in Buffalo 1959-60. Blessings in abundance!
      S. M Karen Kelly

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