Wear Orange. Let’s end gun violence. Together.

Written on: May 29, 2015

An easy way to raise awareness of gun violence, an all to frequent occurrence in Everytown, USA. Please share with others and make June 2 have an orange glow.

Orange represents the value of human life. It is warm, it is hopeful, and it’s the color of safety.

After my friend Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed in 2013, my classmates and I came up with the idea of wearing orange to raise awareness and inspire action to end gun violence. This year, we’re coming together with people like you from across the country to turn America orange on June 2.

This video says it all. Watch our story, and help spread the word about wearing orange for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

In the past two years since Hadiya’s death, I’ve learned that the hurt and helplessness we feel when a loved one is killed can be overwhelming. But we can also be empowered to change the future and prevent others from ever having to feel that pain. That’s the hope of Wear Orange.

Orange represents the idea that if we come together, we can — and will — bring an end to gun violence in our country.

Nza-Ari Khepra
Chicago, IL

Click the link below to watch the story of Wear Orange and the movement that’s fighting for safer communities across America:


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