Our Heritage Prayer Project

Written on: August 27, 2015

When our Constitutions were revised in 1987, our Vade Mecum* prayers were no longer required. In deference to our heritage, the Constitutions state: …”individually and communally, we continue to express the devotions cherished by Marguerite D’Youville, using traditional and evolving forms.” Constitutions, 25.1 

The Heritage Prayer Project Committee (HPPC) is attempting to create ‘evolved’ forms of these prayers, i.e. Marguerite’s devotions to “the Sacred Heart, the Eternal father, Divine Providence, the mystery of the cross, Mary and Joseph”. Constitutions, 25

The HPP Committee met on August 15 in Buffalo, and hopes to complete their work soon. Meanwhile, here is their draft version of our O Crux Ave:

O Cross,Father t

Source of hope for all seasons

Let us see you as abundant love

Leading to everlasting life

For each of us and all of Creation.

*A “Vade Mecum” (Latin translation: “Go with me“) is a type of handbook, a book of prayers traditional to a particular Congregation of religious sisters, brothers and priests, which is small enough to fit in a pocket, easily carried, for reference throughout the day.

One thought on “Our Heritage Prayer Project

  1. Maureen Gorman says:

    Would this book of prayers be available to those who are not members of the community. It is something I would be interested in owning if the cost isn’t too high.
    Thanks so very much
    Maureen Gorman

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