Report from the LCWR Annual Assembly

Written on: August 27, 2015

The annual assembly of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) was held in Houston, TX, August 11-14, 2015.  Sisters Julia, Diane, Dawn, Ceil and Mary Elizabeth all attended.

The theme of the conference, “Springs of the Great Deep Burst Forth:  Meeting the Thirsts of the World,” reflects the new life that is returning to the conference since the CDF mandate has concluded.  There was a much lighter atmosphere at this conference, much different from the past two years.  No restrictions were put on the LCWR’s Leadership.  It was however agreed that a theologian chosen by LCWR would review all publications. The CDF office will not have oversight to review or approve publications, speakers or LCWR’s choice of theologians.

Speakers included:  Sr. Sharon Holland, IHM, Sr. Janet Mock, CSJ, Stephan Bevans, SVD, and the past and present leadership of LCWR.  Each spoke with great reverence for the work of LCWR and the conversations with the Vatican.  While difficult at times, they all felt that the Conference and the Vatican grew in respect and understanding of each other through the process.  Bishop Sartain spoke with us by phone since his plane was cancelled. He was cited as being quite instrumental in bringing the mandate to closure.

The social justice initiative was to bring attention to the immigrant families, women and their children, that are being held in detention centers in Texas and elsewhere.  (We discovered that there is one in Berks County, PA.)  Families who are being held have committed no crimes but are seeking safety and security for their families.

Read the full LCWR Assembly report here



2 thoughts on “Report from the LCWR Annual Assembly

  1. Mary Elizabeth Looby says:

    Marguerite, St. Marguerite is the Mother of Universal Charity. I think she would find room for all of us with many different opinions. Thank you for your generosity to us.

  2. marguerite morris willis says:

    Render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God, that which is His…………..Another example of God’s challenge to us or is he mocking us? WWJD becomes complicated when our government refuses to enforce the peoples’ laws. If our officials allow open borders, how do we survive with some who refuse to assimilate? We are in a state of a clash of cultures and wrapping it in misplaced emotions only accerbates the problems. I want to continue to contribute to the Grey Nuns but it will be only for the care of aging sisters.

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