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Written on: August 27, 2015

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As our Sisters get ready to move out of the Yardley Motherhouse which was sold a few years ago, we have been packing up and weeding out- just like any family on the move.  Lately, chairs, art, plants and more have been tagged by Sisters who want these “gently used” items in their new locations. It’s nice to know these “pieces of home” will go with them into the future.

Many of our retired Sisters will be moving to Holy Redeemer Lafayette into small apartments. This mutually beneficial arrangement will keep a large group of our Sisters together as a community, while allowing them access to necessary services.  The Sisters are also excited about sharing their charism, and life choice with others, many of whom have never met a Catholic Sister! They will be evangelizers for a new age.

4 thoughts on “Tag. I want it!

  1. Maureen Gorman says:

    How happy, how sad!
    Just wondering—if anyone remembers the items that Sister Teresa Donnelly brought to the Motherhouse from her sister Ann’s home, and someone ‘tagged’ them, I’d love to know where they will be making their new home.
    As a cousin, I love them both. As the Grey Nuns, I love you all.
    I am so sorry you won’t all be together. Don’t you wonder what God’s good plan is and how it will play out? What will you do with your beautiful Chapel windows and all the beautiful things there. Where will Mother’s statue go?
    There is really no need for me to know the answers to these questions. It would be comfort in a way.
    Say hello to all for some might remember me. Think of you often.
    God Bless and guide all
    Maureen Gorman
    mauranag@gmail.com (new email address)
    32847 E. Carteret Court
    Millsboro, DE. 19966

  2. Joanne Cornell says:

    I am with you, dear friends,in spirit. I hold you close in my heart and in prayer.

    May you experience new joys and new blessings
    as you continue our journey.

    Much love, your associate, Joanne.

  3. Alice Tague says:

    Is the maroon chair for sale?

    1. Maryellen Glackin says:

      Sorry, Alice….the tagged chairs have Sisters’ names on them. Someone already claimed it. But, we agree- it’s a nice chair!

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