PennState Climate Change Assessment

Written on: September 9, 2015

Attention Pennsylvania residents: Our friends at PennEnvironment are asking for your help. Please take action on the important issue of climate change and pass it on to others.

Did you see the new climate impact assessment from PennState? The picture is a stunning 5.4 degree increase in PA temperatures.*

In 35 years, heat-related deaths will be higher, extreme flooding will tear through even more communities, snowpack will be so little that our winter sports industry will dwindle, and our major cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh will have temperatures mirroring the sweltering Richmond and Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, our very own Senator Toomey continues to vote against efforts to slash climate pollution.

And, it’s not even clear if he thinks humans are causing climate change. Too bad for him, 436 Pennsylvania experts just came out with a major letter demanding action on climate change.

Tell Senator Toomey: “It’s time to listen to the experts. Climate change is real and we need to act.”

Those 400+ experts from across Pennsylvania, who represent 29 different schools and disciplines  from engineering to environmental science to religion to anthropology and more, spoke with one voice. And they weren’t just saying climate change is real — scientists have been saying that for decades. They were calling for urgent action.

Will you ask Senator Pat Toomey if he agrees with the experts yet?

Thanks for making your voice heard,

David Masur
PennEnvironment Executive Director

*”PA climate change report warns of hotter summers, destructive storms, floods,” State Impact, August 27, 2015

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