Communicators inspired by Richard Rohr, OFM

Written on: October 27, 2015

Eileen Dickerson, Director of Development for the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, represented the Congregation at the annual conference of Communicators for Women Religious (CWR) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. CWR is a network of professional communicators who work for congregations of Catholic sisters. The organization strives to promote understanding of women religious, enhance their image and advance their mission.

As Chair of the CWR Board, Eileen welcomed the conference attendees, before relinquishing the podium to keynote speaker Richard Rohr, O.F.M. Here is an excerpt from Eileen’s welcome speech to her communications colleagues:

Spirit is a key aspect of our theme this year: ‘Spirit of the Wind, Spirit of the Message.’  ‘Spirit’ is a word that has so many meanings! Here are just a few: ‘a divine animating influence or inspiration, animation, cheer, vivacity, courage, vigor, enthusiasm.’

I think of spirit as the invisible essence in all of us that transforms us as we evolve in our lifetimes and that we imbue into how we choose to live, how we choose to love and how we choose to serve.

We…serve women religious. We have chosen to use our communication skills and experience and enthusiasm to enhance the image and advance the mission of Catholic sisters. We don’t use our talents to sell cigarettes, or wrinkle creams or the latest digital devices. Instead, we use our gifts to shine a light on the work of those women who live the Word, through their vocations and their ministries. Women who pray, who educate, who administer, who write and blog, women who nurse the sick, who feed the hungry, who protect the elderly, who shelter the homeless, who welcome the immigrant, who rescue the trafficked, who advocate for the disenfranchised, women who work for peace and for justice.

Our service as communicators for Catholic sisters is deeply meaningful. Because it is through knowledge of the work of the sisters that others can become aware of the … many critical needs of today’s world and become inspired to support and to follow…the example of Catholic sisters to create a more compassionate world. “

Thank you, Eileen for representing the GNSH so well, not just at the conference but in all that you do every day.

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