GNSH taking over Redeemer-Lafayette (in a good way!)

Written on: October 28, 2015

When this picture was taken, the Sisters weren’t fully sure of where they were headed, but knew the end of life at the Motherhouse was quickly approaching. The last of the approximately 50 Sisters  headed to Redeemer-Lafayette in Northeast Philadelphia will move at the beginning of November. Sisters seeking affordable housing are still awaiting a final decision on their location.

It’s always sad to leave home.

When home is also the place where you learned to become who you are; where you celebrated  friends and mentors into eternal life; where you marked life’s triumphs large and small, including significant Jubilee celebrations, the pain is acute.

When you are a Catholic Sister, you enter into a life guided by three vows: poverty, chastity, and obedience. One of the aspects of poverty is to “own nothing.” The reality of that vow is taking on new significance in the lives of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart.

The religious vow of poverty provides a sense of freedom. Moving to Redeemer-Lafayette has freed the Sisters to learn new things and meet new people. It has also drawn them closer together as a unit.

They are collectively “the new kids on the block” and are being greeted with joy and curiosity.

What a gift at 70 or 80 years young to make new friends and be able to share the joy of a vocation to Religious Life with people, many of whom are from different religious traditions!

In this month of “Pilgrims” the GNSH are once again traveling a new path and discovering new lands of welcome with gratitude and thanksgiving for God’s Providence.

4 thoughts on “GNSH taking over Redeemer-Lafayette (in a good way!)

  1. Nancy Gormley Schaub (Melrose '64) says:

    My heart and prayers are with you as you make this monumental (and possibly sad) move. I am not fond of change so my heart aches for the end of an era (just as when I saw my beloved Melrose Academy change and finally be sold) but you are also facing such wonderful possibilities. New places, new friends – always wonderful – but I am sure you carry with you the love of all your former students at Melrose, along with their wishes for happiness and joy in your new location. (Forgive me, but I cannot help wondering what Sr. Josephine would have to say about this!). My love and prayers to all, Nancy

  2. Paula DuPont says:

    Dear Sisters,
    If there is anything to do to help with the move and transition, please let me know. I know it can be difficult however, I can’t imagine the comfort of being part of community that truly cares and looks out for each other. All the best and if I can be of help, please email me.
    Paula DuPont (former Melrose Academy alumna? alumnus? Only a little Latin study!)

  3. Sr. Janet Wingert,CSR says:

    Dear Sisters,
    Hearty welcome to Lafayette Redeemer one and all! May Our Holy Redeemer bless all of us with Mercy, Peace and Love!
    I am so happy you are with us and you can share life with us.
    I remember your specialness from high school at Melrose Academy many years ago.
    WE are blessed with your presence and providence!
    I remember reading “Hands for the Needy” many, many years ago.
    May you find deep peace with us and know you are loved!
    Love and Prayers,
    Sr. Janet Wingert,CSR

  4. Joanne M. Cornell says:

    You all are held close in my heart at this exciting and difficult time. I share what it is like to build a new life in my seventies. Loss and gain come wrapped up in the same package. May the gain become your “new reality” and may you enjoy the change as I have.

    Love and fond memories, Joanne Cornell

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