Humor for the Journey

Written on: October 2, 2015

I’ve been taking a course on “How to be a stand-up comedian”, and I thought I would practice on you, today.


Melrose- original Motherhouse

Remember entering the Congregation at Melrose and facing the “long Grey line” of Sisters each one wishing you – “Perseverance!” I hear that at the new place they will have a “long grey line” but instead they will wish you “holy redeemer!”

I understand that there are going to be special GPSs available to each one of you – no, not for using outside the building, but for using inside the building.

The Buffalo Sisters, those who are left behind, don’t want you to get homesick for this area, so we are arranging for a monthly delivery of Buffalo chicken wings. For holidays we plan to send Sahlen’s hot dogs. Those who live at Our Lady of Czestochowa Convent (Sacred Heart Center) plan to send kielbasa.

We also plan to reinstate an old custom. You will find in your new room a blue plaid apron with a bib –remember them? No, these won’t be used for cleaning, but to wear to dinner: first of all, you’ll be able to find the other Grey Nuns, and second, they’ll be good for catching spills. Yes, and we do imagine the other residents are going to want them, too, so we’re going to have them available for purchase. Proceeds will go toward travel expenses for the remaining Grey Nuns in the Buffalo area when our turn comes and we are summoned to the Yardley area.

Because where you go, we’ll be following.

Seriously, our love and prayers go with you. You are the pioneers. We are the settlers who will come behind. Please OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAremember to keep the light on for us. Amen.

Thank you to Sister Donna Lord for sharing her humorous send off to the Sisters with us. Sister Donna, along with 3 other Sisters, recently started a new ministry of hospitality in Buffalo called Sacred Heart Center. The ministries of the center include spiritual direction, prayer, offerings in spirituality, and a home for EarthHeart (a well known advocacy and spirituality group in Western New York). 


One thought on “Humor for the Journey

  1. Eileen says:

    Good for you, Donna! It will be great to see you tomorrow!


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