Record Set!

Written on: November 20, 2015

WE DID IT! Thanks to your efforts, the Rescue Mission of Trenton was able to SMASH the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Largest collection of clothing for recycle/donation -a record that has never been broken in the United States! With the aid of all of our amazing Champions, such as yourself, the Mission broke the record, bringing in 179,550 items of clothing -that’s almost 90,000 pounds of clothes! This is an extraordinary feat and we truly so grateful for your support.

Not only have you aided the Mission in breaking a Guinness World Records title, you subsequently have aided us in helping our community that is in need. Coordinating this monumental effort was a lot of hard work by all that were involved, but it was extremely heartwarming and enlightening to see communities from all over the state -and across state lines- join together for a common cause.

Because of your efforts, the Mission will be able to provide necessary clothing items to those in need in our community and continue to provide comfort to each and every individual that comes through our doors. YOU had a hand in breaking a world record and selflessly helping your neighbors in need -we are incredibly proud of your efforts and applaud each participant for collaborating, donating and spreading the word!

The Guinness World Records effort has come to an end, but the work of the Mission is never over! As the winter months are approaching, the Mission is in dire need of hygiene kits for the men and women of our Emergency Shelter. The Rescue Mission aims to provide essentials such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner to the less fortunate members of our community. If you are interested in further aiding those in need by collecting any of these items, please contact me via email or directly at (609) 964-0414 x 300 -any little bit helps!

Thank you for helping the Rescue Mission to rebuild lives, make miracles happen, and BREAK RECORDS!

Want to see what 179,550 items of clothing looks like? Check out these sites!

6ABC News Coverage

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Thank You,

Chandler Mumolie


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