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Written on: January 7, 2016

Sister Bridget Connor, GNSH is a professor at Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Recently, Sister Bridget wrote, The Brain and Educational Connections, published by University Press of America. The book is based on current studies from neuroscientists and research in the field of psychology and education. It also presents sound educational theories and practices as they relate to important research findings. It is written for teachers, administrators, and those interested in providing stimulating and nurturing environments for children to become enthusiastic life-long learners.

Scientific research helps identify and affirm, for those in education, good teaching strategies. Research shows conclusively that learning, and therefore teaching, is holistic. Therefore, education must address the emotional, psychological, and social needs of the child if it is to be considered successful.

This book provides compelling, thought provoking, and relevant materials that will renew readers’ dedication to teaching and lend credence and support to new and creative educational practices.

Sister Bridget Connor, GNSH is a Professor of Education at Notre Dame of Maryland University. She teaches educational courses in theory and practice. Her work has been presented nationally and internationally on topics such as moral development and emotional intelligence. In her years as an educator, she has taught and worked with students from the primary grades through doctoral programs in various geographical locations.

One thought on “Book for Educators Published

  1. Christine malutin says:

    Hello I am look to get in contact with sister Bridget she used to be my 6th grade teacher at St. Mary’s school in Kodiak

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