Action Alert from the Sierra Club

Written on: March 18, 2016

Here is an important action that you can take in keeping with our corporate stand to support the principles of the Earth Charter and our Chapter directive to foster cosmic awareness.

BREAKING NEWS: The Obama administration just announced it is withdrawing plans to drill off the Atlantic coast! We thank President Obama for this big victory for the climate and for coastal communities, made possible by tireless grassroots activism.

But the administration is still considering allowing oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico. We can’t stop until the Arctic and the Gulf are also protected from Big Oil’s drills and oil spills. It’s time to speak up and have your voice heard.

Take action right now to show the Obama administration that you support keeping dirty fuels in the ground, and oppose any new offshore oil drilling!

Now more than ever, we are seeing the growing impacts of man-made climate disruption, fueled by our continued reliance on oil, gas, and coal. President Obama has a critical opportunity to extend his climate leadership into the next administration — like he just did with the Atlantic coast — by using the upcoming Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) five-year plan to keep 60 billion tons of harmful carbon pollution in offshore oil and gas reserves in the ground where it belongs.

Our most vulnerable communities are at risk, both from rising sea levels and the very real dangers posed by offshore drilling. Everyone remembers the catastrophic BP oil disaster in the Gulf, but there have been 40 large oil spills since 1964, and smaller spills occur on a daily basis. In the past 45 years, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) estimates that more than 500,000 barrels of oil have leaked, unreported, into American waters.

Act now to protect the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico from years of dangerous offshore oil drilling. It’s time to move beyond dirty fuels and transition to clean, renewable energy!

The oil and gas industry is going to fight hard to lock in five more years of dangerous drilling off our coasts. We know we don’t have five more years to keep investing in dirty fuels if we want to stop the worst impacts of climate disruption. This decision is about our future, so none of us can sit this one out.

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