Our 2016 Jubilarians

Written on: April 4, 2016

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy we are pleased to announce our Sister Jubilarians. On May 21st the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart will celebrate the women of our Congregation who have reached milestone years in their Religious Vocation.  This year we celebrate 14 women marking a combined total of 900 years of loving service to the people of God in a variety of ministries.

We hope you will enjoy reading their stories of how life as a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart allowed them to bring God’s compassion and mercy to many people. Each of these women lives in the Spirit of our Foundress, St. Marguerite d’Youville, who reached out her hands to the poor and needy without counting the cost. Click on the Sister’s name to see her photo and read her story.

Sister Anne Marie Gastle  Being a Grey Nun and sharing my everyday life for these 75 years is a blessing.

Sister Eileen Murray  Jubilee, my 75th, sparks gratitude, memories and a deep awareness of the privilege of being a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart: a perfect fit for me.

Sister Mary Charlotte Barton  This Jubilee celebration during the Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis is a unique time to thank God for His gracious love and a humbling reminder that God is never outdone in generosity.

Sister Kathleen Early  After high school, I worked for four years before entering the Grey Nuns, a decision I have never regretted.

Sister Margaret Turner And the more I think and remember, I realize that my faith was continually deepened because God showed Himself in so many good people during my life.

Sister Roseanne Walker I made my choice to become a Grey Nun because I saw in the Grey Nuns kindness, gentleness, and tolerance of differences.

Sister Diane Bardol  I can’t remember what I imagined my Grey Nun life would be like, but I’m quite certain that it was different from what unfolded and what I have to say about it is, of course, looking at it from hind sight.

Sister Dolores Beatty  It was in this ministry of education that I have met students, parents, colleagues, and friends who continue to enrich my life to the fullest.

Sister Marlene Butler  In each ministry, participation in workshops and conferences has helped to provide me with a broader vision of life and it also provided stimulation of thought.

Sister John Helen Main  To my Main family and my Grey Nun family and friends, I say, “Blessed are you who have made it known, I’m loved and respected and not alone. Deo Gratias!”

Sister Eleanore Therese Martinez  I have learned that gratitude enriches my life in numerous ways and keeps me asking, “What really matters?”

Sister Maureen O’Hara  My Grey Nun companions and their extended family and friends have buoyed me along these 60 years. May I say with gratitude how much I love you all, always have and always will.

Sister Pierrette Remillard  I have learned much and deepened in my relationship with God over these years. I am grateful for the support of my family and the opportunities afforded me by the Grey Nuns.

Sister Catherine Bleiler  I could never imagine all of the wonderful educational experiences I have encountered that have shaped me to be the teacher of so many students. I have always said that my students taught me things I would have never otherwise encountered.

For photos from the Jubilee, please follow this link

4 thoughts on “Our 2016 Jubilarians

  1. Brother David Eubank, MS (gnsha) says:

    Thank you sisters for the many years of ministry that you have given us and here’s to many more years of fine service to the church, to the Grey Nuns and to the Eternal Father.

  2. Nancy Gormley Schaub, Melrose class of '64 says:

    I may recognize only one name on the list of celebrants (Hello, Sister Mary Charlotte), but I wish God’s blessings for you and all of the Grey Nuns, especially those who blessed my life in my 12 years at Melrose, and in the years since. From K-12, (I missed one year) these wonderful Sisters made school a joy (mostly) and I have never forgotten those years or my teachers. The Orders who taught my children (IHM and St. Joe’s) were often dismayed when I started a sentence “…but the Grey Nuns wouldn’t…..”. I have never met an Order to compare. You are all special women, in God’s eyes, and mine. Bless you all. To give you a laugh, I am personally responsible for having a TV ad with incorrect grammar corrected (incorrect use of less and fewer). The ad changed on Christmas day and I immediately called Dorothy Tobey (former Sister Robert Patricia) to tell her. She was proud of me. Thank you for everything. You are always in my prayers.

  3. Frances Beltram Nicolini says:

    To the band of September 1956 God bless you. I remember each and everyone of you. I remember the motherhouse days at Melrose Park with the wonderful Sister Ursula who kept us in line in the kitchen. Sister Crooks a postulant who shaved her legs ( I believe for the first time ) and almost bled to death . But mostly I remember young girls wanting to be good nuns dedicated to the Sacred Heart. Congrats to you all and may the good Lord be with you every moment of the day.

  4. Marie humel says:

    May God continue to bless all of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart always. They certainly stood out in my mind as being elite in their ways as opposed to different orders of religious life I had encountered thru out the years.I wish you all continued successes in your daily prayer lives.Congratulations to all the Sisters celebrating their jubilees.Sincerely,Marie Romolgia Humel

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