Sister Anne Marie Gastle- 75th Jubilee

Written on: April 4, 2016

Sister Anne Marie Gastle-1Sister Anne Marie Gastle spent many of the years of her religious life at Holy Angels Academy in Buffalo, New York where she taught art and design. She was a gifted artist and teacher. Her artistic talent extended to photography and her photographs are like a National Geographic illustration. She retired to the Motherhouse where she spent many hours driving sisters needing transportation to appointments. Sister Anne Marie now resides at St. Joseph’s Manor in Meadowbrook, PA where she enjoys many of the activities provided by the facility and is challenged by a good jigsaw puzzle.

In my 75 years as a Grey Nun, I have taught almost every grade level. At Holy Angels Academy, I taught young women the beauty of art, design, watercolor, oil and other mediums. These were blessed years. Now it is time to slow down. I spend time in prayer and reading and enjoy the challenge of jigsaw puzzles. I muse often at how blessed we all are to have each other. Being a Grey Nun and sharing my everyday life for these 75 years is a blessing. I consider myself fortunate! My vocation is a treasure to me. I am proud to be part of the community of Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart.

22 thoughts on “Sister Anne Marie Gastle- 75th Jubilee

  1. Joanne Limina Lalayanis says:

    Many Blessings to you, Sister Anne Marie. Congratulations on your Jubilee! I have always remembered you as my favorite high school teacher. At HAA I took every art class you taught in my four years there. I did go on to take art education at Daemen College ( Rosary Hill). I have been an art teacher at an Amherst, NY elementary school for many years. Thank you for placing the creative fire in me! I wish you many more blessed years. Joanne Limina Lalayanis. HAA Class of ’72

  2. Betsy BAiley scheidemann says:

    Congratulations Sister Anne Marie!
    I have many fond memories of time spent Learning and creating in your art studio at HAA.
    Betsy BAiley Scheidemann ’77

  3. Margaret Pericak-Vance says:

    Congratulations Sister Anne Marie. I never took art but we always stopped by your room on the way to
    The Guardian office. You look the same as you did 45 years ago. I will always miss HAA.

    Margaret Pericak-Vance ’69

  4. Linda Ferri Hall HAA Class '85 says:

    Dear Sr. Ann Marie,

    Happy 75th! You are a great art teacher. I remember saying to you “I have no art ability” and you said “there is art in all of us”. I was so happy when I finished my San Francisco Bridge painting that I thought maybe what she said is true. Your patience, kindness and guidance will forever be remembered.

  5. Eileen (Galbo) Buckley '81 says:

    Dear Sr. Anne Marie:
    Congratulations on your milestone. You touched the lives of so many young women and inspired us be creative and thoughtful.
    You were a remarkable teacher. To those of us that you served as an educator, we are truly blessed to have been part of your teachings.
    All my best to you!
    Eileen (Galbo) Buckley, HAA Class ’81

  6. Kelly Cosbey Miller 88' says:

    Wishing you continued blessings Sister Ann Marie. How wonderful to celebrate your 75th. I still use the gift of Caligraphy. Thank you for teaching us all. I truly enjoyed your classes.

  7. Nancy Pusatier, class of 1970 says:

    Dearest Sister Anne Marie, thanks to you thousands of young women learned to love and appreciate the arts. To this day, over 45 years later, I still have a few of my oil paintings from your class and feel very fortunate for the four years spent in your classes. Wishing you a very blessed 75th anniversary with love and gratitude.

    Nancy Pusatier

  8. Alma Troiano says:

    Sr. Anne Marie – I loved your art classes at HAA, and our long philosophical talks. I also loved your story of having made your chalice and buying an extra suitcase to distribute the weight evenly!

    Blessing to you on your Jubilee, and sincere wishes for many more years!

    Alma – Class of ’65

  9. Catherine mulhern says:

    Congratulations Sr. Anne Marie, I was class of ’75 and my favorite art project was doing ceramics and gilded calligraphy. I am traveling in Rome this week and it made me think of the design and the traditions of art you taught us. May you calibrate in peace and joy.

  10. Pia DiMarzio, HAA Class of 1982 says:

    Congratulations Sister Anne Marie on your 75th Jubilee – many happy memories of time spent in your art room!)

  11. Mary Beth (Howard) Coates (HAA '83) says:

    Congratulations and many MORE blessings, Sister! I, too, have kept treasures from your ceramics class and remember you fondly. Thank you, too, for taking a crazy group to New York City for ‘culture’ in 1983, I learned how much you really loved us and remain a role model of respect and faithfulness! Peace!

  12. Ann Marie Eckert, HAA Class of 1983 says:

    Sr. Anne Marie,
    I was always envious of the students who took your classes and it wasn’t until my Junior year that I was finally able to mount the steps into the studio and really enter into the world of art that you created.
    When I got to college and took an art class, the professor asked if I had taken art, and I told him “Yes, at Holy Angels” and he mentioned you by name and commented on my ability to control the brush/pen. Those months of letter making in calligraphy had an impact!
    About 10 years ago I found my way into a pottery studio and took lessons. I fell in love with throwing and have found a great love in the act of creating again. Although it was never far from me, pottery in particular has opened me up to all sorts of new ideas, experiences, and people. And I get to make beautiful things.
    So happy to share these memories and experiences with you and happy to see that you are still bringing beauty into the world through your prayers, your gentle spirit, and, no doubt, beautiful puzzles.
    May God continue to bless you and keep you,
    Ann Marie Eckert

  13. Lynn Gumkowski says:

    Great lady,encouraged my creativity and when I turned 50 I followed my true dream and became a cosmetologist. Sister Anne Marie was always encourageing us to use our creativity to the fullest!

  14. Diane Hambor Brennan HAA class of '83 says:

    Dear Sr. Anne Marie~ How wonderful to see your lovely face today! I had been doing crafts my whole life but since your classes especially ceramics senior year and watching you teach calligraphy, I have found joy and peace in classical music and creating. As a teacher I always have included visual arts in my prayer time, retreats and classrooms. You have been a huge influence in my life. Thought I should let you know! We still take out the ceramic Christmas trees every year and I have made many manger scenes. The bunny village is still my mom’s favorite piece and she puts it on her glass top table every year. You are with me always! Your encouragement and passion have meant the world to me! Thank you! Diane

  15. Meg O'Shea Vergo says:

    Dear Sister Anne Marie,
    You were my very favorite teacher ever! No one connected with her students better than you. I went on to become a teacher myself and tried hard to imitate your gift of connecting with each student in the class.
    Everyone learned about more than art from you; we learned about life. (And that whistling makes the Blessed Mother cry.)
    Many congratulations on your 75th Jubilee!
    And much love, too!
    Meg O’Shea Vergo (class of ’71)

  16. Rebecca Cambria 1983 says:

    Congratulations!!!! Always loved you! Blessings on your jubilee

  17. Aart Millecam says:

    Van Hartegefeliciteerd. Uw leven is goed voorbeeld van de liefde van God

  18. Karen Taylor says:

    Sister Anne Marie is actually a 3rd cousin of mine. She and my grand mother, Virginia were very close and were 1st cousins. Wheni wanted to attend D’Youville college she helped me to transfer in, which was a wonderful experience. Anyone that i know who went to Holy Angels while Sister Ann Marie worked there, had much love and respect for her! Happy 75th jubilee!!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    God bless Sr Anne…she was a great Art teacher at HAA..

  20. Mary Macaluso Pendergast says:

    Happy Anniversary, Sister Anne Marie!
    I loved your classes and have carried and used what you taught us about color, design , and technique to this day. I have a studio in my house and I think of you every time I clean my brushes….remembering you saying that our hands are a shammy….!
    Sending blessings and love,
    Mary Macaluso Pendergast
    Class of 1966

  21. Dolores O'Dowd Sparacio says:

    Dear Sister Anne Marie,
    I remember you so fondly from our year together at BSS in Jackson Heights. You so generously shared your gifts of art and faith with my class. We were youngsters and you could not have been much older than us,since I am now 76 years old.What an impact you had on my life.
    You invited my sister now Sister Dolores Ann GNSH to come to class for a party.
    You helped our class make a profile as gifts for our parents.
    You told us how much God loved us and explained how generous God is by telling us that you gave up one sister and he gave you many more.
    These are just a few of my happy memories of you.
    May God continue to shower you with His blessings! Ad multos annos!

  22. Marie Romolgia Humel says:

    Dear sister Anne marie, I want to say I send many best wishes on your 75 th anniversary celebration. I hope you enjoy your special day. May god continue to bless you every day on this wonderful occasion.May you spend peaceful days and continue good works for your community for a long time.
    God bless,
    Maria Romolgia Humel

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