Sister Diane Bardol (Sister Dorothy Ann)- 60th Jubilee

Written on: April 4, 2016

Sister Diane BardolSister Diane Bardol (Sister Dorothy Ann) is a native of Buffalo, New York, where she attended Holy Angels Academy. Many of the years of her career as an educator were spent as Principal of St. Mary’s School in Kodiak, Alaska where she imbued her students with a sense of peacemaking and justice. She had the opportunity for training in nonviolent communication and conflict transformation. She discovered that one cannot work for justice without a thorough grounding in nonviolence. She takes every opportunity to teach the importance of nonviolence, and sees it as a gift to pass on. Diane is in her second term as a Council Member of the Leadership of the Grey Nuns and is presently the Vice President.

As in every life choice, there is the imagined or anticipated and the actual. I can’t remember what I imagined my Grey Nun life would be like, but I’m quite certain that it was different from what unfolded and what I have to say about it is, of course, looking at it from hind sight. My life as a Grey Nun for 60 years was deliciously demanding. Delicious, because it drew me to want more no matter how demanding; demanding, because it stretched me to be and to do more than I ever imagined. It taught me that ministry is always and everywhere, that it is more about finding God than bringing God and that in the long run it is completely relational. I look forward to this celebration as a time to reflect on the past, relish the present and rejoice in the possible future.

5 thoughts on “Sister Diane Bardol (Sister Dorothy Ann)- 60th Jubilee

  1. Hannah Pickworth says:

    I am most interested in the column she wrote in the Sun March 17th. It is one of the only pieces I’ve seen where the author has not included an email… so I’d love to contact her as I am very interested in the need for peace studies in the school and earlier. We had Peace Study Center with that as our mission but need to reactivate it. Can we connect? Thanks

  2. Lenora DeRoy Paul says:

    Thank you for being an amazing teacher and role model at St Mary’s School Sister Diane! I’m forever grateful to you!
    Lenora DeRoy

  3. Anthony says:

    Did you teach 6th grad at Sacred Heart in Youngstown Ohio is that you? Anthony

    1. Maryellen Glackin says:

      Thank you for reading our blog, Anthony. Our Sisters were never in Youngstown, but other Congregations of Grey Nuns were. Their contact information can be found at Good luck!

  4. Patricia Kirk, OSB says:

    Loved reading your “story”, Diane …and your picture is great. Also, you are so humble, I did not know that you are the VP….for what’s that worth, right?! 60 years…amazing! You look great.


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