ACEI Global Summit on Childhood

Written on: May 5, 2016

Over 400 individuals representing more than forty countries from around the world and across disciplines came together in San Jose,Costa Rica, March 31 through April 3 to consider the current state of childhood and how positive childhood experiences shape our human future by exploring the theme of “Sustainability, Social Innovation, and Synergy” at the Global Summit on Childhood.

This was the global summit on childhood at which Sisters Bridget Connor and Diane Bardol presented. Their presentation was titled “Capacity for Peace Making and Emotional Intelligence”.

This is how it came about.

Several years ago Sisters Bridget and Diane were interested in finding out if Peace Making Skills and Emotional Intelligence were related. If there is an overlap of skills then perhaps they can be taught as companion skills. Two inventories were used, one measuring emotional intelligence and the other skills needed for peacemaking. They found that there was a moderately high relationship.  Research from current literature indicates that skills from these two variables can be taught.

“Question: Why are we violent, but not illiterate?

Answer: Because we are taught to read!”

Using this quote from Coleman McCarthy’s book I’d Rather Teach Peace, along with Sister Bridget’s research findings and Sister Diane’s background in conflict transformation, they offered the participants the motivation and the tools to engage their schools in conflict transformation, which is related to peace making skills and the development of their emotional intelligence.

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One thought on “ACEI Global Summit on Childhood

  1. Linda Schwartz Hammond, LCPC says:

    Hello Diane,
    I admire you and the work that you and your Sisters are doing. I just watched a POV special on the number of black children that continue to be incarcerated for life in Florida. So horrible !

    I retired last August and am keeping busy with the grand kids. Love, Linda

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