Action Alert: Convention 29

Written on: July 11, 2016

This is a worthy action to take to help counter human trafficking. Please sign it as you see fit and pass it on to anyone you know who may want this information. Thanks,Pace e bene,

Sister Diane

It’s 2016 and the modern world has brought us smartphones, broadband internet, and cheap international travel BUT incredibly when it comes to forced labour we’re stuck in the past. 189 countries are yet to take an easy step that would update an international law from 1930 and protect us from slavery today.

A lot has changed in 86 years. Across the world almost everyone agrees that there is never an excuse for holding someone in modern slavery. In 1930 we were not quite so progressive. In fact, Article 7.2 of the 1930 Forced Labour Convention 29 states:

“Chiefs who exercise administrative functions may, with the express permission of the competent authority, have recourse to forced or compulsory labour…”

Although the original convention created protections for large parts of the global population, it also stipulated caveats which meant that for many countries where colonial rule existed – forced labour was still sanctioned.

The Protocol to Forced Labour Convention 29 was agreed in 2014. It formally deletes over 22 articles of the 33 in the original Convention, showing just how irrelevant they now are. Yet so far only seven countries have signed this Protocol. It provides protection for workers in the private economy, particularly those at higher risk of forced labour, such as migrant workers, and calls on states to ensure victims have access to compensation.

We have come to expect that technology, science and medicine will keep advancing. Let’s ensure our anti-slavery laws do too. Can you ask your government to keep up with the times and ratify the Protocol to Forced Labour Convention 29?

In solidarity,

Eugenia, Joanna, Zoe and the Walk Free team

P.S. While the 1930 Forced Labour Convention 29 may seem outdated, forced labour sadly is not. In Mexico alone, an estimated 376,800 people are in situations of forced labour.



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  1. Angela Conicelli says:

    let’s close the road to human trafficking!

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