Celebrating the Feast of St. Francis

Written on: September 14, 2016

The Feast of St. Francis is on October 4. As Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart we believe, like St. Francis, that everything in our world is connected because God created everything! This belief leads us to care not only for people, but for all of the wonderful gifts given to us in creation: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the ground we walk upon and, the sun, moon and stars that light our way and delight us throughout the day!

On this special feast we are providing you with resources to help you understand this important relationship we have with the Earth and God’s creation. Below you will find inspirational videos, prayers and other resources brought to us through Catholic Health Association.

Feast of St. Francis Prayer Service

Additional Resources:

Everything is Connected. This video highlights Pope Francis’ basic message in Laudato Si’, that EVERYTHING is connected.

Addressing Climate Change. This video highlights portions of Laudato Si’ while also highlighting Catholic health care’s response to reduce our contribution to the problem of climate change.

Less is More. This video highlights the need for better management of shared natural resources, and specifically, water resources.

CHA also has prayer cards available for purchase. Choose from the following resources.

Laudato Si’ prayer cards. There are three different cards available in the set.

Respect for Creation Prayer Card

To learn more about Eco-Spirituality and our concern for the earth, please follow the following links.


Earth Charter

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