Cabinet Nominees are important.

Written on: February 6, 2017

Here is a list of the cabinet members that President Trump has nominated. It is meant to be “information in a nutshell”. You may find more here or simply google “Current Cabinet Nominees.”

Current Status of Trump Cabinet

As you know, before nominees are approved, they must first undergo a hearing before the appropriate committee. From there, a vote is scheduled among members of that committee, and if a majority of them approve the person, another vote is held in the full Senate. There is only a simple majority of votes required.

Our Earth Committee is asking us to be especially aware of the appointment of Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA in light of the values we hold. It is very important that we make it our mission to monitor issues that impact our Corporate Stands and our Chapter 2013 directives and take action when called for. This may mean often contacting our Senators either by phone or in writing.

Also, you may have noticed TV advertisements for cabinet picks. It’s important to take note of the supporting organizations or the company paying for the ad and ask what is the connection? What will they expect in return from the nominee if s/he is appointed?

To date the following nominees have been confirmed:
John Kelly, US Secretary of Homeland Security
James Mattis, Secretary of Defense
Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to U.N.
Elaine Chao, Secretary of Transportation
Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo, CIA Director
Thank you for helping us bring Gospel values to the political arena.
Sister Diane Bardol, GNSH

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