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Written on: February 17, 2017

Helping People Find Their Way to Prayer

Journal coverTwo Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart have wedded an interest in journaling with the human search for connection to God, through the process of understanding and embracing one’s personality type. Sisters Bridget Connor and Diane Bardol, have published Personality and Prayer: A Reflective Journal.

The sisters’ book invites readers to discover how honoring their personality type can provide a richer and more satisfying prayer life as they travel their individual spiritual journeys. “As individuals, we each establish our own way of interacting and speaking to God,” observes Sister Diane.

An explanation of personality types is introduced briefly in the sisters’ book, through the lens of legendary psychoanalyst Carl Jung and other personality type and cognitive style experts. The explanations are general and interesting, distilling into an exploration of whether an individual’s preference is for introversion or extroversion.

The Journal, arranged in a 6 week format, highlights three styles of prayer and presents interviews with individuals who have demonstrated a life-long commitment to prayer. Each speaks of their own style of prayer and how that style enriches their spiritual life.

An introverted personality may want to pray alone, in silence, while extroverts may have a need to pray with others.

“This book is an introductory prayer journal that hopes to give readers a freedom in their understanding and choice of prayer forms that are suited to their personality,” Sister Bridget says. “People sometimes think that prayer is not for them or sometimes they struggle to fit into a prayer form that really does not help their personal journey toward God. They do this sometimes because they are not aware of the many ways one can journey with God. Knowing that God deals with us so personally can lead one to gratitude and awe, the perfect attitude for opening one to respond to God’s love.”

The sister-authors hope the journal will help readers grow closer to their truest selves, to God, to the world and to the people around them.

“Each person has his or her own way of traveling to God. It might be a very straight or serpentine pathway. You might walk straight and tall on the path or as though you have a pebble in your shoe. This book will hopefully help to give a focus and renewal to your journey.”

The Journal uses scripture, reflections, suggestions and reflective questions to engage the reader. There are blank pages for the reader to journal thoughts, questions and insights. Helpful suggestions for setting time aside for prayer, creating an environment for prayer and being open to the spiritual experience are included.

To purchase the Journal, click HERE and select “Purchase books”– In “Your Message” please provide the title, (Prayer Journal) your address and phone number! You may also order by calling 215-968-4236 and the operator will direct your request to the proper person. Thank you!

As part of the Pre-Reflection to beginning the prayer journey, the authors suggest these following questions:

  • List the ways that God has been in your life.

  • Who has helped you on your spiritual journey?  How have they helped you?

  • Who has hurt you on your spiritual journey?  How did they hinder you?

  • If you could say something to God right now, what would it be?

One thought on “Personality and Prayer

  1. Angela Roberta Sanning says:

    Please pray for God to heal and delivery me from all medications and the withdrawal. I want to be clean of these medications that have made me so weak and sick. I need a miracle that only our Lord can give. Please help me to seek his grace and mercy

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