Action Alert: Honor the Paris Agreement

Written on: April 20, 2017

Paris still in

By a more than 5 to 1 margin, voters say the U.S. should participate in the Paris Agreement.1

Despite the strong support of a majority of Americans and major U.S. corporations, the Trump administration continues to undermine the Paris climate accord. Last week, at the meeting of the G7 (the world’s richest nations) the U.S. refused to allow any reference to the Paris agreement in a proposed joint statement on energy. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry instead pushed for pro-nuclear and pro-coal language, which was rejected. It’s time to push back against this outrageous attempt to turn back the clock on climate protection. Let President Trump and Ivanka Trump hear from you. This petition will go to both Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, an influential advisor.

Official withdrawal by the U.S. would be a stunning, unprecedented blow to a historic global agreement. Having the world’s richest country and second largest polluter renege, just as efforts to combat global warming were getting underway, could undermine the whole deal and the commitment of other nations.

Let’s show the world that no matter what the White House says: we’re still in. We can do our part. We, communities of faith and individuals of conscience, will do our part. We will reduce emissions, move to clean energy where we can, and continue to advocate for a sustainable future.
Nearly every country in the world has signed onto the Paris climate agreement, which the U.S. helped to craft. For the new administration to reverse course, and abandon our obligations as a global citizen and global economic leader, would be a tragic mistake. This agreement is an example of international cooperation for the benefit of all. It demonstrated that the world can come together to protect our common home. It provides important opportunities for the U.S. to lead on renewable energy technology and jobs, and pulling out could have us instead falling behind other countries, like China.
But if the Trump administration does formally withdraw the U.S. from this international agreement, in defiance of wisdom and science, our faith communities will join thousands of businesses, cities, states, and organizations in saying “we’re still in” the Paris agreement.  Sign here to show your solidarity and tell the world: We’re still in.
No matter who is in the White House, our commitment to a safe climate and a clean energy future remains.  Over 7,000 houses of worship and people of faith have already signed IPL’s Paris Pledge to cut their emissions in half by 2030 and to be carbon neutral by 2050. They will continue those efforts no matter what.
Our values and our concern for our most vulnerable brothers and sisters around the world are not altered in any way by the Trump administration. In fact, our commitment grows deeper daily. We will continue to care for Creation, to conserve energy in our facilities, to use renewable energy, and to build a safe climate for our children. Even if Trump is out, we’re still in.

Join us today.
In solidarity,
Susan Stephenson

One thought on “Action Alert: Honor the Paris Agreement

  1. Angel conicelli says:

    Please, after all this hard work, keep us in agreement! We are stewards of the earth, of creation. Thank you.

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